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Extremely dissappointed
By: Annie Lockhart-Gilroy    (May 26, 2017)

When I picked up my box, I saw two products that were beyond ripe and on their way to spoiling. Several items had stickers on them identifying that they were from Mexico. I know that the website states that there would be a few things from Mexico, but I did not expect the majority of my box to be that way. I chose to do this because I wanted to support local farms and get fresh fruit and vegetables. Neither of those things were accomplished. Another great thing about CSAs is that you get to try new items. I did get an item I could not identity. But at other CSAs there are people or literature that can help you identify the item. With no one at pick up and no one who has answered the phone, I am still trying to figure out what this item is. I am grateful that I got to do a trail box and did not have to pay for a season. At least it was just a waste of $25. I am thoroughly disappointed.

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Marnie Vyff says:    (Dec 14, 2017)

I'm so sorry you were disappointed. We have a Facebook page where we list the items in the baskets. If you still have questions or are unhappy with your produce you can email me, Marnie, and I will gladly answer your questions or make things right. Also, May is still spring, when there is still very little available yet from the United States. As stated on our website, that is the time we may have produce from outside the country. I often shut down the Co-op in May for exactly this reason. People join expecting local produce and then are disappointed. I suggest you try another Trial Basket in July or August.

Mtn Lakes Co-op
By: Mary Rosseland    (Mar 2, 2010)

I really enjoy getting my produce from Mtn Lakes co-op. The items are fresh and keep well. I especially appreciate being able to get my basics like milk and eggs whenever I need to without running to the grocery store. In fact, the co-op has allowed me to avoid commercial grocery stores a bit more than in the past...

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Fresh food & fresh ideas !
By: Anne Giller    (Feb 11, 2010)

Marnie's local co-op is constantly evolving & fresh ~ from what she offers food wise ~ to what she offers knowledge wise! Each month she offers members and friends an opportunity to learn about a different type of healthy food preparation ~ from raw foods, to foods that are good for your heart. Gluten free grains are sometimes incorporated. Her website abounds with info also ~ including recipes! If you live near Mountain Lakes, it's worth checking into : )

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