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skilled artisans, enriching lives as they nourish our earth.
By: Andrea Daniels    (Jan 25, 2013)

The practice Nick and Becky put into their seedlings, plantings, and harvest, keeps everything fresh and lasting. The quality of food is simply hard to come by in Chicagoland. They are truly artisans of their craft. Both are compassionate for the work they do and the food they will be supplying to their customers!

Being part of the 2012 work share allowed an experience to get more in touch with food while being educated about the sometimes overlooked hardwork of an organic farmer. They made the experience fun and made sure to expose us to as much of the process and varieties as possible. The dedication it requires for success in being an organic farmer is not a skill you pick up over night or even an easy transition from the backyard garden. You have to accept a drought, an early summer, or a very hot summer and are not things you can plan for. The workshare also was a lesson of adaptation in being a farmer.

The quality was consistent in the share of food delivered at a local pick up each week. My family was consistently looking forward to what we were going to be bringing home every Wednesday. It meant trying new foods, recipes, and best of all learning more about the nutrition in the vegetables we previously passed by in the farmers market or super market.

At Midnight Sun, simply made my appreciation for the food so much greater. It enriched my time spent in the kitchen from storage to preparation, to nourishing my body with the prepared meal, and sharing with others. I had a confidence in the food being prepared and shared because I really knew where it came from.

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