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Local and Humane
By: judi lainer    (Nov 25, 2011)

I have been an egg customer for a few years now and Bay Haven Farm eggs are so tasty and fresh. I can see and taste the difference between their hens' eggs and other eggs I have purchased. My only problem with them is that I have to hold them for a number of weeks before I can possibly make deviled eggs since fresh eggs just won't peel.

This past year, I participated in the goat milk shares and quite honestly, it is the best milk I have ever tasted. I am not kidding! It is fresh and creamy and has no goaty smell - that is a real turnoff for me. I always liked milk, but drinking this milk is a whole new experience for milk lovers and I highly recommend it.

Yesterday, we had our first Bay Haven turkey. I am not lying when I say that everyone at our table thought this turkey was the best one they've ever had. This turkey was not all puffed out like the factory-farmed steroid-packed turkeys are at your supermarkets. He was just beautiful with both tender white and dark meat. A real treat.

I can't help but write a glowing review of all of Bay Haven Farm's products that my family has tried because it has been a consistently fabulous eating experience with everything. On top of the quality, their animals are raised humanely and enjoy a decent life on the farm. What could possibly be better?

Gee, I just re-read this review I wrote, and it is a bit over-the-top, but I think the Bay Haven Farm family deserves it. I've never been disappointed and I have been impressed by the quality time after time.

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