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Inspirational Local Farmers!
By: Cathy Payne    (Jun 22, 2010)

I have not been fortunate enough to purchase poultry products from Sally and Barry to date, but had a tour of their farm earlier in the month and left greatly inspired. Jon and I have been following the Treffynon blog and have followed their lead in leaving the suburbs of Atlanta to start a small farm. Starting from scratch in unknown territory can be very intimidating. Looking at what Sally and Barry have achieved in a short time and seeing how good husbandry practices can be implemented across species without high tech or expensive equipment was very encouraging. The day after our visit we brought home our first ducks, and plan to expand to sheep and chickens in the next few weeks. If we were not producing our own eggs and meat I would definitely be ordering one of their turkeys or geese for the holidays. For those of you who are avoiding soy products, a huge plus is the fact that Treffynon feeds soy-free grains to their flock. This type of feed is very difficult to locate and adds to the cost of production significantly. However, Sally and Barry hold out very high standards for their flock and produce nutrient-dense food for their customers, many of whom follow the principles of the Weston A. Price Foundation. Kudos to you!

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A hidden Gem of a farm...
By: Heather T    (Jun 20, 2010)

My favorite local farm with the highest quality most nutrient dense food.

Sally and Barry have done an awesome job with their farm. For a long time it has been my secret that I only divulged to a few special people for fear they would run out of their amazing food before I had a chance to get my orders in.

Mere words can't describe the high quality of the food from Treffynnon Farm. They exceed all of the highest quality expectations as set forth by the Weston A Price foundation.

Where you go to pick up your order make sure you allow enough time to see the farm and all of the great animals on it...

I am grateful to have them so close and to be allowed to purchase their amazingly tasty and high quality food.

Thank you Sally and Barry

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Sally and Barry Gwilt says:    (Jul 31, 2010)

Thank you, Heather! We love it when our customers are as dedicated to good, healthy food as you and your family.