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I love my CSA Morning Song Farm!
By:    (Jul 31, 2014)

I joined this CSA in April 2014. I am such a big fan. The service is great, and my Tuesdays are filled with fresh produce. Tuesday is my pickup day, and my favorite day of the week. There are many box sizes depending on how much produce you want, and you can add on oranges and farm fresh eggs. Donna who owns and operates the farm is wonderful, and her blog posts are funny and informative. She includes recipes, farm info, pictures of weekly boxes, and more. I joined a CSA because I wanted to know where my produce was coming from, and be secure in its quality. I wanted to spend less than I would at an organic market as well, and I wanted to eat seasonally. I recommend Morning Song Farm to anyone who wants quality affordable organic produce strait from the source.

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Christmas Each Week
By: Jackie S.    (Aug 10, 2011)

Receiving my "veg box" (as we call it here in our home) each week is like Christmas every Tuesday. There's a box, full of goodies, just waiting to be opened! You never know what's inside . . . beloved favorites like cantelope, tomatoes, leeks, dill, swiss chard - or new friends like dragon beans (the best!), kohlrabi, winter squash, or asian pears. I often bypass the trade-in basket (there if there's something you want more of, less of, etc.) simply to savor the box opening process at home. Morning Song Farm's produce is absolutely top notch - fresh with an amazing variety of goodness. Farmer Donna is a pleasure to work with . . . you couldn't ask anything more from a farmer or a farm.

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Great variety; good customer service
By: Megan K.    (Jun 2, 2011)

I have been really happy with Morning Star Farms. I pick up a small box every other week, and it is the perfect amount for one person. I love the variety of greens (chard, parsley, cilantro, dill, fennel, lots of lettuce, spinach) and fruits (strawberries, lots of citrus, etc.) The produce tastes great and I love not having to go to the grocery store to pick up fresh produce that tastes anything but. More importantly, I found that Donna is incredibly responsive over email and signing up is easy. Plus, I pick up at the Road Less Traveled store in Santa Ana, right off of the 5, and the convenience just can't be beat. Thanks so much, Donna!

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Been with this CSA for a year now, still a fan!
By: Lisa Olsen    (May 14, 2011)

Last year we found Morning Song Farm from this website and have been huge fans of it ever since. We love the variety that comes in our box every week, and I personally enjoy the challenge of finding things to cook based on our box. We know we have been eating more fruits and vegetables since starting our box as well. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys fresh produce and can handle planning meals around the box each week. Also, even if you don't love every thing in your box, there is a trade box as well so you can switch one or two items out if needed (but personally we rarely use it). Try it! You won't regret it.

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Morningsong Farm
By: Cynthia Myers    (Jan 18, 2011)

We just signed up for Morningsong Farm's organic produce/CSA program, and are very happy with it. The quantity was just right for our family, the quality was excellent, and the variety will encourage us to try new produce and eat better.

Thanks, Donna!

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Best CSA EVER!!!
By: Michelle Dunphy    (Jan 4, 2011)

My husband and I are big organic eaters. We get almost all of food from the farmers market or the local small chain health food store. We've been a member of a few CSAs, but never really got enough variety or it was full of veggies that we wouldn't use. With our CSA with morning song farm, all that has changed. Donna produces some of the best produce around and provides her CSA members with a nice variety of fruits & veg. Um and can we just say raw MACADAMIAS?!?! YES PLEASE!!!! :D She is also one of the friendliest people to chat with over email. :) Love love love Morning Song Farm! I highly recommend joining her CSA program. You won't be disappointed.

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Best CSA on The Planet!!! Morningson ROCKS!
By: LISA RODARTI    (Aug 17, 2010)

I have enjoyed the beautiful bounty from my Morningson Farm CSA basket for sometime.... I did not know fruits and vegetables tasted so tasty until I tried Ms. Buono's good! The organic avocados and oranges are to die for... and though I am not a huge lover of kale, I have learned to enjoy such treasures with the personal attention of farmer Donna, and her weekly recipes and one on one consultation.

I have tried several CSA's in my past, and this one is the most efficient and user friendly of the lot. These people CARE... Care about the quality goods the produce and provide, about my satisfaction...and about my health!

As a cancer survivor, I know too well the importance of organic eating. Wish I could get Morningsong goodies more often... and though all easy to use to create delicious nutritious non toxic meals...a personal chef in the basket would be the ultimate top off... can you arrange it farmer Donna????

Best CSA on the planet...could not recommend it more!

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our store is a drop-off and we love it!
By: delilah snell    (Jul 2, 2008)

We own a small store in Orange County and are a drop-off for Morning Song. We have been in the program for over 1 year and all of our members are pleased with the baskets we receive every week from Donna. I have experienced some of the other farm's CSA in the county and i must say that Morning Song is definitely the kind of basket for the cook: heirloom varieties and the off-the beaten path treats (like passion fruit, loquats and mulberries), you will not be getting the "standard" items (aka: onions, lettuce and bells).

If you live in Tustin, Santa Ana, Orange or work in any of these cities, we suggest that you join our CSA, we are right on top of the 5-fwy so we are highly accessible.

call the farm to join!

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