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Best Fresh Veggies
By:    (Jan 26, 2017)

I look forward to picking up the fresh veggies in my community Celebrate where they come every Wednesday during the spring/summer month. I am thinking of signing up for the weekly half basket but only need 1/4 of the basket a week since it's only 2 of us! will see have some time to think!!

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Always the best!
By: Jeremy Winkler    (Oct 2, 2011)

My wife and I shop the Fredericksburg Farmer's Market every weekend. C&T always has the largest selection of farm fresh produce...often with tasty samples! We love C&T and look forward to joining the CSA for 2012.

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Best Family Owned Farm
By: Adalne Ramadani    (Oct 1, 2011)

I have been shopping with C&T farms for almost 6 years now. I have always loved thier produce, as well as thier personable nature. And my husband, being from Europe, has stated several times how C&T remind him of the wonderful farmers back home. Thank you to C&T for all the hard work you put into your produce and your farmers markets - we will definatly enjoy seeing you next year :) Adaline & Filiz

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The only place to shop
By: Kathy    (Oct 1, 2011)

I discovered C&T produce at the Fredericksburg Farmers Market several years ago. The variety and selection of the produce is great! I soon learned that my one trip per week to the farmers market was not enough. I now a also shop at the C&T Farm Stand in Fredericksburg as it is open daily. They have a great herb variety in the spring/summer- chocolate mint, my favorite. They also have amazing apple butter. Now, I only shop C&T Produce. They are the best.

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Number 1 Choice for Produce in Manassas, VA
By: Beth Mickens    (Oct 1, 2011)

The farmer's market has become a huge part of my family's everyday living and so has eating organic, sustainable, local, all-natural foods. Before falling in love with C&T's produce, we actually fell in love with one of their workers who has treated us so well ever since the beginning. I asked her about the use of pesticides and herbicides and she gave me the most honest answer I never expected to receive. Although they do use them, she assured me that they were used minimally and only when absolutely needed. She also made it very clear that it was very important that they sell only what's in season and that they do not purchase and resell. The only thing they do sell is produce from their Georgia farm. After receiving her response I had the utmost respect for C&T Produce. We began coming regularly and we love the produce which in fact acts as evidence to what she claims.

I can tell, in comparison to the other farmer's, that what they sell truly is only what's in season. For example, I have watched the corn crops this summer go from extremely beautifully firm and sweet to small ears, home to worms. I have also learned that imperfections on my produce means true and real produce. The produce is delicious and of great quality when in season. They have officially become "our" farmers and we will continue to be loyal customers as long as they exist.

Thank you C&T Produce for all your hard work at producing local food that we can purchase and enjoy!

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LOVE C&T Produce
By: Karen Blakemore    (Sep 26, 2011)

C&T Produce offers good variety of fresh, delicious, locally-grown produce!

This was our first year as a CSA member, and we can't say enough about the fantastic quality (and quantity!) of our fresh fruits and vegetables from C&T Produce. We have loved having perfectly ripe, in-season fresh fruits and vegetables over the spring and summer. We have had the opportunity to try new things (who knew WHAT kohlrabi was, much less how delicious it is!?), as well as learn new ways to eat familiar items. We look forward to next year's growing season!

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first year with C&T CSA
By: Elaine Hild    (Sep 26, 2011)

C&T CSA has broaden my variety of vegetables that I eat. I looked forward each week to what would be in the box. I loved the box that had salsa vegetables. Of course I enjoyed the old favorites too. The tomatoes and peaches were the best. The location was convenient and the workers were always pleasant. Looking forward to the next CSA season with C&T.

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worth the drive!
By: andrea kemp    (Sep 26, 2011)

I was raised in white oak where a lot of c&t produce comes from. in fact if you go back abt 150 yrs, their farm would be on the land my ancestors used to own. having moved from white oak to sc 10 yrs ago, i have to say there are 2 "musts" to each trip back to VA....carl's frozen custard stand and c&t produce....each travel back to sc with us....i have to stock up on c&t produce in order to can and savor a taste of home....

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