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Great value and produce!
By: April Crosby    (Apr 23, 2014)

Last year I accidentally read these reviews AFTER paying for my first CSA share with GCF. I panicked a little but decided that since it was too late anyway, we'd just consider it an experiment and see what we thought. The best thing I can say is this: we are signed up again this year!!! It's true that the produce you get is dirtier and sometimes (but not always) less attractive than their grocery store counterparts. It's also true the the animal housing is less than zoo quality. The reason for this? It's a FARM. The people here work hard, are friendly and provide a ton of real food for a pretty reasonable amount of money. The bonus u-picks each week are amazing. The kids rarely play on the playground, but when they do, it's always a lot of fun. We are happy to support this thriving local farm and are grateful for all the wonderful, locally grown produce that I don't have to grow myself.

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Fresh Produce, Fun, Festivals, Family, and Free WIne!
By:    (Mar 25, 2014)

This will be the 3rd season of CSA, for my family, at Great Country Farms and we couldn't be more excited! We look forward to fresh fruits, vegetables, and the opportunity to grow our own herbs that come in our CSA box. We are also very excited this year to come out and be more involved with u-picking with our baby girl. It's never too early to get them started. I love that we get "bonus" produce each week! Everybody has consistently been extremely friendly when we arrive at the farm, it feels like seeing friends and family. I love that we can bring our dogs and now they have a place to run off the leash and even get a little wet. We also look forward to all the wonderful events that Great Country Farms put on each season, they have a festival for each member of the family?children, moms, dads, and even the pooches! Thank you Great Country Farms (Experienced member tip: Each time you visit the farm, keep your wristband on and go check out Bluemont winery, you get a free mini tasting

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By: Bobbie HP    (Apr 29, 2012)

Horrible to the animals! Living conditions for ALL the animals is unethical! Please, all you Loudoun and Fairfax county people who think this is a "farm" you have it all wrong! Please explore other farms in the county. Clarke county Va is a great place to start. This farm uses pesticides, poor farming practices, and try to hype up the place by making it a playground with admission fee. As for what I witnessed I will tell you, I saw shelters that were for the animals that was falling down and very dirty. A poor female goat with a breast infection (mastitis) in the exteame heat and her baby just left in the field screaming. There were 3 bottles of milk to feed the baby and after being there over 2 hours nobody had bothered to feed or check on the baby even after I asked! They are quick to take your money, but can care less about the animals.

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Em Ray says:    (Apr 30, 2018)

Thank you for this review. This gives me a better idea of what kind of place this is. I do not wish to support anyone who treats animals in such a way.

Rip-off disguised as a doing good for local farms
By: Shelli Zink    (Feb 18, 2012)

We did the CSA with Farm membership. It was such a bad experience that we have been totally turned off from any CSA and will just use Farmer's Markets and our own trips to local farms for our produce. As an avid gardener it was obvious the produce was always harvested several days in advance, it was usually moldy, wilted beyond use, or harvested so prematurely it was inedible. From our half-share we didn't get more than 20lbs of edible food over the entire season. And no, I don't expect grocery store level perfection, but the produce I received was disgusting. I learned my lessons, #1 don't trust a circus to give you good produce and #2, don't trust a business to uphold their side after you've paid them $600 ahead of time.

As for the experience on the farm? It was okay for a one-off, but not anything special. I would never have paid the entrance or membership if it weren't included in our CSA. Total rip-off. The events we did attend there were poorly organized and even left my kids in tears once from their inability to run a simple egg hunt. The animals on the farm? Deplorable conditions. If you've seen the conditions the cows on Food, Inc. are kept in? That's what most of the animals are housed in. It's inhuman.

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A Wonderful Experience!
By:    (Jul 28, 2010)

I have hosted a CSA membership program for the last several years for customers of my shop, Mindful Hands, in Old Town Alexandria. This is our first year with Great Country Farms and I have to say they have been nothing short of great! Since their program was a little different than the previous farm we used, I had a LOT of questions early on. They were always prompt, courteous, and thorough in their answers. And since we don't open until 11am and there is no secure place to leave our members' boxes, they very graciously made accomodations for a later-than-usual delivery time. And the produce is wonderful! Always very fresh, plentiful, and delicious! It's also nice to receive fruit in every box. Overall, a wonderful experience and I look forward to a long partnership with Great Country Farms to bring local fresh-from-the-farm food to Old Town Alexandrians.

Sally Scime, Owner Mindful Hands, "designs for serene living" 211 King Street Old Town Alexandria, Virginia 22314 (703) 683-2074

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We Love Great Country Farms!
By: Mary O'Connor    (Jun 9, 2009)

Our family has had a membership since they first started out. My Mom was against it - she thought a membership was too expensive.

The first year I did a spreadsheet of all the produce that was delivered and compared it by weight/price with the same items in local grocery stores. GCF was cheaper, much cheaper. Now my mom is a fan, too!

We originally joined to help our son know more about farm life - he's now got his PhD and away from home but we still go out to the farm whenever we can...and so does my Mom.

It's still a great bargain and like a mini-vacation, getting away out to the country.

Thanks to Kate and Mark and all the Zurschmeide Family for making this happen!

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Too much to do!
By: Jen Kilburne    (Mar 6, 2009)

We love Great County Farms. It is the ideal farm share for families. There are so many activities ranging from shopping in the country store to feeding the animals to riding the pedal cars to picking fruits and veggies that you have to go back again and again to get it all done.

My (five) kids (whom I was sure would balk at sharing in the farm experience) loved it and because they participated in the u-pick bonus, they were much more likely to try new fruits and veggies. They are all eagerly awaiting the opening of the season this year, from my high school senior on down to the two year old.

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Delicious produce and great community all-season long
By: Megan Liddle    (Oct 28, 2008)

My household joined a CSA for the first time this past harvest season, and we loved being members with Great Country Farms. The produce was delicious and always on-time. I loved getting a newsletter about activities on the farm and suggested recipes each week, and we enjoyed visiting the farm for U-pick specials and a festivals through the season.

Thanks to the Zurschmeide Family for sharing your bounty with us!

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