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We LOVE Rustic Roots Delivery!!
By: Reshma Ali    (Aug 14, 2015)

Rustic Roots Delivery is absolutely Amazing!! Their produce is always of high quality and really fresh! We have bought 'organic' produce from supermarkets as well previously, but there is such a huge difference in quality and freshness. At times the organic produce sold at supermarkets seem extremely artificial! Moreover, we are really impressed with Rustic Roots' customer service. They are really genuine and kind and it is one of my favorite company's in New York/New Jersey!! Coming from London, we felt really blessed that we found them!

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One try and you're hooked!
By:    (May 3, 2014)

Amazing local company, with the most kind and helpful owners ever! One order and you're hooked! The quality of food, outstanding customer service, and prompt deliveries can't be matched by anyone anywhere! Local organic food at its best! It really does make a difference! Food can either heal your body or hurt your body, and their food heals and nourishes! Jeff and Emer are the absolute best!!

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the best!!
By: silvia louzada    (Jun 12, 2013)

I love Rustic Roots!!! I get the best fruits, eggs, lettuces..!!! They are very nice and the service is beyond the best! If you are searching for reviews... I encourage you to try!!! You will love it!

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Exceeded my expectations
By: maureen murphy    (Jan 4, 2013)

I have ordered for 2 weeks so far and will keep on ordering. This company has delivered the most beautiful looking (and tasting) vegetable I have seen in a long time. You cannot find these at the supermarkets. The first shipment I was amazed, the variety and freshness of the vegetables and fruits were outstanding. Plus they send recipes after they deliver. Today I got beautiful carrots and parsnips (which i don't eat) and decided to make the recipe they gave me. It was for carrot and parsnip puree....OMG it was delicious. I was so amazed because I didn't think i would ever eat parsnips. I also go Kale, arugula, winter squash, cukecumbers, potatoes, sweet potatoes, zuccini, pears, apples, red bananas, kiwis. I can't wait to summer so i can get some organic local berrys and peaches. I've also contacted the company by phone and email and they were very responsive and super friendly people. I highly recommend this company!!

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By: Kim Howitt    (Jul 13, 2012)

I love Rustic Roots! I get the best local veggies and fruits available from local organic farms. I get my meat, milk & butter delivered too. It's so convenient!!! And Emer & Jeff are amazingly nice!! I tell all my friends and family about them!

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By: Gus    (Jul 8, 2011)

I got my first vegetable basket yesterday. Tomatoes are delicious! I order some vegetables that I've heard of but wasn't sure how to cook or what to expect taste wise. I asked if they could recommend different ways. Last night I cooked the bok choy and it was amazing!

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Excellent Food & Service
By: Jacqueline    (Jul 7, 2011)

I cant say enough about Rustic Roots. Working long hours, Rustic Roots is extremely flexible with my schedule. Using their cooler option delivery, the food stays frozen until I get home. The porks chops and breakfast sausage are my favorite, what a difference in taste!!! I highly recommended trying this healthy style of living.

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Super fresh
By: doug    (Jul 6, 2011)

Our weekly fruit and veggie basket arrived this week full of the seasons first tomatoes. Tasted like candy! We cant get enough of the farm fresh eggs and bacon for breakfast. A spoonful of they're raw honey each morning is a real treat!!

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