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Great food and great people
By:    (Apr 16, 2020)

I have been shopping here for about a year or so, and drive quite a way to get there. I love the food and love visiting the people here. Great place to buy milk, eggs, produce, and more! Well worth the drive! I will never go back to mass market grocery store eggs milk or cheese ever again! My son was a little harder to win over, but even he admits its better now!

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I love Birchwood Farms!
By: Tiffany Adams    (May 16, 2012)

I've been buying my milk (among other delicious goods) from Birchwood Farms for about a year now. I'm so lucky to be only a 20 minute drive away, and I make the short trip at least weekly to pick up fresh, whole milk, rich cream, butter, cheese and beef. I'm continually impressed with the quality of the dairy products and the wonderful, friendly service from the staff. If you haven't tried this milk yet, I urge you to get out to the farm, see the healthy, happy cows and get yourself a gallon. Once you try this milk, nothing at the grocery store can even begin to compare!

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Birchwood Farms
By: Emily Garzarelli    (Jan 23, 2012)

We have been going to Birchwood Farms on a weekly basis for the last 3 weeks. We couldn't be happier with the raw milk. Their cows are grass/hay fed only which makes a difference in the milk. We are enjoying it a lot. Started with 1 gallon and now we get 2. I have also tried the beef and love it! Of course you can't leave without getting some ice cream and rice pudding! We feel very lucky to be only 20 miles away!!!

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