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Best decision ever!
By: Lisa Sandbank    (May 18, 2020)

I had a lot of options here in LA county, I am really happy I went with Earth Matterz. Their reviews were more favorable than other CSAs, prices were competitive and there was a great selection of add-ons (I was eyeing those farm-fresh raisins!). My first order reassured me this was a great decision. Kali is >very< helpful. She will help you with anything you need, in addition to a weekly newsletter about what is in your order, and a VERY informative video on the contents of your bounty. The price is amazing considering the amount of produce, the service and convenience, and the varieties of flavor. VERY delighted.

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very very good
By: gina lee    (Jan 6, 2016)

I like it very very much ,it's worth the money .i don't know what to say now

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Excellent experience. Pay this woman money, immediately.
By: Patrick Hawley    (Oct 25, 2014)

Kali stepped up and found me a big ol box of feijoa--an unusual request for fruit that cannot be had for love or money here in Tennessee--at an indisputably fair price, and went farther out of her way to work with me than most folks would even consider. If badass were a town, she'd be the mayor. Now go on and pay this woman money so we can all keep getting delicious fruit.

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SavRaw has been my answer from mother nature herself...
By:    (Apr 1, 2014)

.. as a single mother, living in Topanga, when I moved here, SavRaw was my answer to a very busy life. I was also spending a lot of money on organic produce in Farmers market & the traditional super markets... I love when I receive my box at my doorstep every week... it's like Xmas morning every time i receive my SavRaw farm box, I like how they pick out a nice well balance variations of fruits & veggies, plenty of it to last me a week n then some, I like their choice of local organic produce, they always keep the variety exciting & yummy... I was introduced a lot of things through their farm box, few of my fave was celery roots, Russian Kale, perple carrots, baby fennel( i could go on n on)oh yums... i'm so grateful that they are my local farm box choice n you should also give it a try... you'll be happy u did, n also try the new tropical paradise fruit box,it will knock your taste-bud's socks off & their service is so smooth & they are so sweet, friendly & helpful. Sav Raw Rocks.

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Savraw Organics: Great Veggies, Fruits, and Service
By: Amro Naddy    (Sep 28, 2012)

Kali Wnuck and the rest of the folks at Savraw have been really responsive and organized at getting my box of veggies delivered each week to my apartment.

The produce is always fresh, and the emails that Kali sends out with descriptions of the box are always accurate and informative.

In a typical week, I'll get the family-size box delivered to my home for $45, which goes a long way towards feeding me and my wife.

In our recent box, 9/26:

Asian Pears Oranges Pomegranate Melon Eggplant Star Ship Squash Beef Steak Tomatoes Lettuce Yellow Bell Pepper Broccoli Chard

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