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Amazing gift for our family
By: Julie Malloy    (Jan 28, 2014)

We have been members of Elise's for 5 years (and just signed up for our 6th!). We also participate in the "sister" CSA run at her farm in the Fall. I have 3 young children who have grown up with OUR farmer and the box that we get each week - the food is always so fresh and remarkable compared to what we find in the stores. My kids are now hooked on her 'rainbow' carrots of different colors, Kale, Spinach, beets and more! I love that I get a newsletter from Elise with the updates from the Farm and ideas on how to best store or prepare the veggies coming our way. We are always sad when the CSA drought comes in Jan - April here in NC and can't wait until it comes around again! Thanks Elise!

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Reviewing Elysian Fields Farm
By: Dina Schreinemachers    (Jan 18, 2014)

The fact that I have been a client of Elysian Fields Farm for more than 10 years says it all. I love the weekly surprise of what is in my box. I love the freshness of the vegetables. And on top of that I have learned a lot. I have eaten vegetables that I did not know existed, or that I did not care for previously. Keep up the good works!

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Elysian Fields Farm
By: Steve Marshall    (Jan 17, 2014)

We have been a member of Elysian Fields Farm CSA for over a dozen years. We joined Elysian Fields in its second year. Obviously, we are VERY satisfied with this CSA. If we had to leave the CSA for some reason, it would be be like losing a family member. Our children have "grown up" with Elysian Fields. We hope that the importance of locally-grown, organic produce will become clear to society, especially as an alternative to "industrial-organic" (ie Wholefoods). The things we like about this CSA include: lots of fresh organic produce (tastes great, we know where it came from and how it was grown), the flexibility and customization that Elysian Fields offers (swap box and make ups for missed weeks), great weekly newsletter, and winter CSA (this is great, note it is not run by Elise directly). Personal contact with the farmer is important to us, and I appreciate the chance to talk to Elise at the Farmer's Market each week when I pick up my CSA box. We feel like she is "our farmer".

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Fabulous produce
By: Susan Bickford    (Jan 17, 2014)

We've been CSA members with Elysian Fields since before my son was born (he's 9 now). I remember pureeing Elyse's kale for him -- it felt so good to feed him such wonderful food. It is still a high point of the week to take home our share and see all the beautiful yummy things to eat! The shares have lots of variety, and Elyse tries new things every year. She strikes the perfect balance between introducing us to new veggies and making sure we have veggies we already love! We love the weekly newsletters that let us know what's going on at the farm and give us recipes and preparation hints. She solicits feedback from members every year, and somehow manages to keep straight who wants arugula and who doesn't, who wants hot peppers and who doesn't. We love Elysian Fields!

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Picture Perfect Produce
By: Karen Powers    (Jan 16, 2014)

We moved to Chapel Hill in the Spring of 2007, and I quickly became a Farmers Market "junkie". I fell in love with Elysian Fields -- the display is always gorgeous, the fruits and vegetables are delicious, and Elise and her co-workers are the friendliest farmers you will ever meet. The CSA was full that first year, but we enjoyed plenty of Elysian Fields produce purchased at the market. The next year, we made it off of the wait list, and we have been members ever since. Elysian Fields produce is both picture perfect and delicious. The weekly box contains a wide variety spring to fall. Some of our family favorites are rainbow carrots, sugar snap peas, strawberries, blueberries, baby arugula, Brussels sprouts, mixed cherry tomatoes, baby kale, broccoli, cauliflower. I could go on and on and on. We thoroughly enjoy our weekly CSA box, and even supplement it with extras of our favorites by shopping at the Elysian Fields stand at the market.

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what's not to love?
By: carribeth bliem    (Jan 16, 2014)

My family has been a member of Elise's CSA for over ten years. What drew us to Elise initially is something that continues to this day: the variety in her offerings. Not just lettuce in the spring but several different types of lettuce, each one more beautiful than the last. Honestly, the produce is so beautiful that I like to leave it out on the kitchen counter to enjoy before I prepare it (of course, after the beautiful broccolli bolted in the warmth of the kitchen, I had to revise that plan!) And it's organic! And it's local! And it's tended by Elise and her team of interns and fellow farmers. The personalization of the weekly boxes is another benefit: my family LOVES fried green (immature) omatoes. While Elise prefers to harvest her tomatoes (another fruit that is offered in many different heirloom varieties), when I asked about green tomatoes, she provided me some the next week, and now she remembers, every year, to include some over the summer months. We love our CSA!

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rewarded by the great variety
By: carrie doyle    (Nov 19, 2012)

Our family of five has enjoyed the Elysian Field Farm for about 4 years. Part of the fun for me is seeing what is in our box each week. The other part is learning how to cook (and sometimes just identify) the wide variety of vegetables in particular that we are blessed with each week. I sometimes use Elise's suggested recipes, or I discover ideas in my cookbooks. I now know we like most root crops roasted, and most greens seasoned and sautéed. Our elementary aged children have gotten in on the fun, and our 7 year old thinks of himself as the zucchini chef of the house. Our 9 year old's favorite part is that the food is organic. Our 5 year old votes for the strawberries. My husband and I did not know before joining our CSA how much we like roasted eggplant and tomatoes, or a head of garlic roasted with fresh beets. It really is impressive how many different types of eggplant, tomatoes, and melon our farmer grows. The colors are beautiful, and it feels so good to be a part of the organic movement in our area. Being a part of the CSA has truly broadened our family's eating habits.

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