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Good product
By: Karen Green    (Jul 2, 2019)

Hello, The farmers work hard, there are years the weather does not cooperate, I am not sure how fair that review was, (by H. Hill) * 2016 was a very rainy year When you join I think you should keep that in mind.

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Please don't waste your money here.
By: Honey Hill    (Dec 30, 2016)

We had been members of Spiral Path's CSA in 2010 - 2012 and it was incredible, lots of variety of vegetables, lots of open farm days, great value. Things change and we got away from a CSA for a few years, but we were able to rejoin for this past year(2016) and we rejoined Spiral Path. What a disappointment and we will not be renewing our membership for 2017. We had a full-share (expected to feed 4) for the full season for 2 people expecting to freeze extras. We have little that we were able to freeze, we got 12 weeks of nothing but tomatoes, onions, and peppers that we are sick and tired of them and anything made from them. I can count the number of times that we got actual salad greens, we got green beans once all season (super easy to grow and was a regular in the past). A lot of the produce looked like Wegman's leftovers or rejects (Spiral Path is one of their suppliers), some was even delivered in Wegman's labeled boxes and none of the produce stored well at all.

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Cream of the crop CSA!
By: Cassie Moyer    (Nov 14, 2009)

Over the past few years (and since) having children, my husband and I have become more concerned about where are food comes from, what's being put in it and the environmental impact from seed to store. After a good bit of research last spring (made easier by, we decided to buy a share at Spiral Path. They have a really nice website that gave me all the info I needed. It has a great decision and investment on many levels! I would, and have recommended it to folks. The Brownback family have been organically growing for over 14 years and this rich history has lead to top of the line organic produce with empahsis on quality, sustainablility and convience to the customer. With over 25 delivery/drop off sites in South Central PA, your bound to find one that's near you. I was suprised about how convienient it is. Each week you get a box with a beautiful variety of vegetables. Having been through the first year now, lettuce is one the items we got a lot of in spring and fall. It tastes so much better than what you buy at the store! Invest in a salad spinner and take a little time to prep your veggies for the week when you get your box home and you'll find yourself using everything up! If it's your first year, I might suggest going with a medium share til you get the feel for what's coming when and how best to use it. That way you don't get overwhelmed and things won't go to waste. The newsletter also comes in handy giving you news from the farm and many times receipes as well. Open farm days 3-4 times a season are another great perk. Our kids love going up to see "our" farm and we find that they are more willing to try different vegetables having seen where it's grown and sometimes even getting to pick it ourselves! The yummy food at Cafe Terese is another plus when you visit the farm. I also ran into people at the farm that live in the Harrisburg area that I didn't even know were members! The bottom line is your looking to get into a CSA, Spiral Path is most likely your best bet. Your investing in a local farm keeping the money in the local economy. I think it goes without saying the postive impact to your health of eating whole organic produce. And by growing organically, environmentally green business. Plus the fact that the food only travels from the farm to your site, reduces the carbon footprint to minimal, and so is another positive. I think CSA's and farmers markets are not just a "trendy" thing right now. They are the smart way we can make an impact localy, economically, environmentally and for our health. The Spiral Path farm food is delicous,nutrious and beautiful and has helped us to appreciate that our food comes from nature, as it should, unprocessed. It is a peaceful thing to be connected to your food. Try Spiral Path, you won't be disappointed!

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