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By: Melissa Bain    (Jun 2, 2009)

We have been members since 2001, and have enjoyed every moment of it. The main thing that intrigued us was that they have 3 box sizes. We get the small box in late fall and winter and upgrade to a medium the rest of the year, primarily for the wonderful fruit (we can only handle so much spinach in the winter :)). They are always responsive for vacation holds and box size changes. They had offered at one time fresh mandarins and nuts to be shipped as a gift at holiday time. Unfortunately the fruit was less than par, but TFF very graciously, and quickly!, credited our account.

Additionally, they have a farm day for subscribers, which is a TON of fun. This spring they have opened up their strawberry fields for pick-your-own days (for a charge).

Their newsletter is a source of good information on the food in the box, a recipe that uses food from that week's box, and a commentary from Pablito. It keeps our family grounded where food comes from.

I have absolutely no hesitations to recommend them to our friends, which we have done a number of times.

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Great stuff
By:    (Feb 18, 2009)

I joined this CSA back in October (2008) and I am really glad I did. I really like the small/medium/large box option. There is only me, so I get the small box and it is plenty. There's a good variety and everything tastes so good! The carrots are truly the best I've ever tasted, and the walnuts are also better than any I've ever bought. When I've had occasion to communicate with the farm (Valerie) via e-mail, the response has been fast and friendly. There is a convenient pick-up spot in Fair Oaks - most CSAs have pick-up points in Sacramento and they are too inconvenient for me, so I am really pleased to have a nearby pick-up point. It took me awhile to decide to join a CSA, but I am so glad I joined this one!

Cindy Simmons

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Great experience so far!
By: Emma Finley    (Feb 17, 2009)

We've only been Terra Firma members for a month, but we're so pleased with the CSA program that I had to post a review. We love Terra Firma's super convenient pickup points, different box sizes, easy PayPal payments and low prices. We get the small box, and the farmers promise that the small boxes will contain "normal" foods and foods that are easy for snacking. It's PLENTY of produce for two people, but it has a good mix of fruits, veggies and nuts. The newsletter with weekly recipes is helpful for those slightly off-beat items (like leeks or cauliflower).

It looks like Terra Firma's listing on this site is quite old, but their website is up-to-date and has loads of info. You can browse the newsletter archives to see exactly what the different boxes have contained for the past few months/years.

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Wonderful Produce boxes!
By: Charity    (Nov 3, 2008)

I started getting a produce box from Terra Firma earlier this year, and so far I have been extremely impressed and very happy with the service. I chose Terra Firma because they offered service 50 weeks of the year (unlike some CSAs that only offer service ~May-Nov), they had three different size boxes (Sm, Med, and Lg) to try and accomodate different size households and appetites, and on their website they seemed to really have put a lot of thought into selecting produce items that people will like and use in each size box, and throughout the year - plus, at the time, they still had room for subscribers! So far all of that has been wonderful, and the produce is stellar. I started with a medium box, but ended up switching to a small box when I realized I was giving away almost as much as I was eating. The boxes have a wonderful variety of delicious organic produce. Some of the major staples I have gotten so far include heirloom tomatoes, melons, corn, green beans, grapes, potatoes, onions, garlic, peaches and carrots. I have also gotten wonderful apples, apricots, grapefruit, oranges, cherries, salad mix, strawberries, spinach, persimmons, asian pears, figs, winter squash, zucchini, plus probably lots more I can't think of right now - and its all delicious!

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