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Great Market! Lots of Variety.
By: Rawls Whittlesey    (Apr 8, 2014)

This market is one of the best I've been to. The farmers and artisans are awesome and have a wide variety of fresh produce, breads, honey, meats and really cool local art too! I'm not sure what the other person was talking about - there aren't any farmers brokering produce that I can tell. Occasionally the market will bring in peaches or apples from other farmers, but only when they aren't grown by our local farmers. The market goes year round too which is a big bonus.

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Peachtree City Farmers Market is the best. Period.
By: Tricia Stearns    (Apr 3, 2014)

I think this is a great market. It runs all year, with the summers being ripe with about 40+ tents--all locally grown veggies and local food artists. It has live music, and a food truck or two. Chef demos. Critics say some of the produce is "brokered" meaning that someone else actually grew the produce, but the Peachtree City Farmers Market staff and volunteers actually go visit all farmers to see how they grow and what they grow. Lots of variety of good food, with great people and great attitudes.

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Some vendors are fantastic! :) Some vendors aren't. :(
By: lora kling    (May 29, 2013)

Although I am sure it is true, as the previous reviewer says, that some of the vendors are selling stuff bought wholesale from commercial vendors, it is also true that there are many small-scale, organic farmers selling their own excellent products. And it is pretty easy to tell the difference! We went recently during a torrential downpour and still had a great time and bought some wonderful produce and cheeses. The bread and pastry vendor was selling obviously commercially produced products---definitely inferior to handmade--- but we bought some anyway, to go with coffee on a cold, damp day! We weren't surprised when the rolls and muffins tasted like we bought them at Publix! Anyway, don't avoid the market because of a few bad apples---you can pretty easily avoid them, and still enjoy the other wonderful original, high-quality products being sold there--including organic, straight from the cow, milk and cheese. Fantastic!

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says:    (Feb 11, 2019)

So true. It is very obvious who is a farmer and who is not. Just avoid them.

phoney farmers market
By: Frank Holzman    (May 26, 2013)

This market allows people to buy produce and sell with the intention of being a farmer. Although there are growers selling there. There are also folks who buy produce and flowers in Forest Park and sell as growers. The manager has been told but allows it anyway.

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