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Don't waste your money
By: Hippy Cee    (Feb 26, 2016)

I participated in their 2015 CSA. I've done a CSA before and really enjoyed it. I hate to poorly rate a local farmer, as Memphis needs more organic foods. However, I could not recommend Lazy Dog Farms.

- Late/ inconsistent deliveries. Often with no notice. - Poor quality produce or produce not stored properly. I'm not talking about lightly bruised produce. Tomatoes arrived rotten and lettuce moldy. - Poor quality eggs - went bad quickly. - The boxes were poor in both quality and quantity. - Only got 3 weekly updates with what was suppose to be in the box. Don't promise something you can't follow through on. - Never followed up after the season was over to see if customers were happy. As a customer, it appeared that they didn't care if customers were unhappy.

Basically, they over promised and under delivered.

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A place I'd like to be
By: Todd Clements    (Jan 16, 2014)

Two genuine people who found their passion and are litterally cultivating their dreams. Watching them grow their organic farm over the last two seasons has been inspiring. Having visited their farm and home, Bruce, Mary & their family and all the dogs are very welcoming and helpful. The farm itself is breathe taking and it has produced delicious & wholesome fruits,vegetables, poultry, pies & preserves for my family.

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