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Pleasantly Surprised
By: Andrea Joubert    (Jul 17, 2014)

Honey peaked my interest after reading a lot about the benefits of raw honey. Sharing all the information with my 32 year old daughter, we set out to find a local raw honey. I found this honey through and I also googled local honey. I love honey to begin with, but once it touched my tastebuds, I was completely WOWED. It took me to a different level. I had my husband try it and now I can't have it to myself, bummer! He actually stuck a big spoon in it and plunged it straight into his pie hole. I was truly griefed. But this will be a great lesson for me because I do really still need to learn to share better. Scared to death to see what happens after my 14 year old comes back from camp in couple days. I do however plan to purchase a stock up for the cold months (not telling anyone). I need to begin looking for a great hiding place. By the way, my 32 yr old is going back with me to hide some for her winter. It has been recommended to me by my Qi Gong master, Chunyi Lin.

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