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By: Sam Blumenthal    (May 13, 2014)

My mouth is literally watering thinking about these incredible herbal fruit spreads! The outstanding flavor combinations are a spectacular addition to so many unexpected foods; Peach Ginger + grilled salmon = out of this world! And perhaps best of all they're good for you; low sugar content means they're truly guilt free treat.

If you haven't tried Oh, Wow you're missing out.

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My taste buds say OH WOW
By:    (May 10, 2014)

Oh WOW gourmet foods says it all in its name. A gourmet food filled with delicious farm fresh ingredients that make your taste buds wake up. I put the blueberry basil spread in my margaritas and blended them creating a delicious signature drink that I use for my wedding business.

Katharine puts her heart and soul into each jar of jam she creates and you sure taste it!!! Don't miss out on these amazing jams that you can use with every meal or cocktail!

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Bold! Amazing! Wonderful Spread!
By:    (May 9, 2014)

Katharine's spreads are simply amazing. They're great with wine and cheese, in coctails and on pancakes or crepes. Put simply - they are a wonderful addition to any style of cooking or entertaining. Katharine creates these spreads from her heart and you can tell in every bite. She grows the herbs and makes each spread batch. The true definition of local food.

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