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Great food for mind and body
By: Deirdre Butler    (Feb 9, 2009)

John and Kayann are all about building community and this is the ethos by which they run their home - Stonebridge Farm. My husand and I initially joined Stonebridge as paying members but soon became "farm-family members" after volunteering to work in the fields, planting and harvesting. As well as learning to become good stewards of the land and gaining a deeper appreciation of the miracle and wonder of "life-giving soil" our minds were also fed. While working in the fields, conversation ranges from science to politics to math (John is a Math professor) to women's literature (Kayann is a professor in women's studies) to John Deer tractors (John's second love after Kayann) to wildlife and chickens (my personal passions) to bees and birds and beyond! For the past couple of years, we have been barter members and come home each Saturday with literally arm-fulls of fresh, locally grown organic veggies. We count our lucky stars and good fortune for bringing us to Kayann and John and Stonebridge - our adopted family.

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Teri Vette says:    (Aug 31, 2017)

Sounds like a great experience. I have two mouths to feed on a fixed income. I have the flexibility to donate my time and labor to be able to join this community. Knowing what you are eating is what it is all about,