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Good food
By: Barbara Chernetski    (Feb 15, 2016)

I cannot imagine myself without this fabulous resource. I love veggies, but the abundance that keeps coming each week keeps me on track for eating more than ever - an important push for my health goals. The few times a crop did not come through (cold/rain/deer/whatever) there was so much other stuff it was barely noticible. Price compared very well to CSA's in other areas. I also love the weekly newsletter with recipes. Keeps me connected and inspired.

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Excellent CSA in these northwoods
By: Lois Melegari    (Feb 15, 2016)

We have been CSA members with McDougal's Farm since they started and their produce has always been fresh, varied and best.... completely organic. We started with the large share for two people but found there was such an overabundance of fresh veggies that we spent way too long trying to can and freeze making sure that we saved every last bit. Since then, we have purchased the standard share and we still can and freeze enough to last us through the winter months.

The variety of veggies is great and by now there are few items that we are not familiar with and none that we do not enjoy. The variety provided helps to make our food planning during the week easier for us since we just make sure we eat what we have purchased each week.... again canning or freezing that which we could not eat fresh.

McDougal's have also gone the extra mile to provide several opportunities during the season to listen to guest speakers or enjoy a bon fire get-together.

Join. Come see for yourselves.

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