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Special Atlanta farm and farmer
By:    (Dec 1, 2016)

I was a very satisfied CSA member this year! Freewheel Farm is doing a lot of things right for Atlanta's local food system: growing food where the people are (right in the city, re-habbing and repurposing 'neglected' urban land), supporting other local producers, offering food prep education in weekly emails, and connecting neighbors to each other through food -- to name a few things. The food is delicious and high-quality; the variety is always exciting. Brent also offers discounts at the weekend community market for CSA members. I love that I can walk to the farm from my house with my dog. It's a lovely experience that asked me to slow down every Wednesday afternoon, and saved me many pricey trips to the grocery store for produce May through Nov. I felt healthier this year eating my CSA share, and I don't think I ever ran out of food from week to week, with some extra to freeze for winter. I recommend Freewheel farm wholeheartedly. Many thanks to Brent and the whole Freewheel team!

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Outstanding CSA!
By:    (Nov 30, 2016)

Not only are the vegetables incredibly beautiful and fresh, convenient add-ons like eggs and flowers offered, and delicious recipes shared, but also Brent is incredibly kind and friendly, creating a community at each CSA pick-up. I'm so grateful to have been a part of this CSA for the last 6 months!

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So Fresh and So Clean
By: Micah Williams    (Feb 23, 2016)

I can't tell you how fresh and delicious this produce is. I've been getting produce from Brent and the gang for a year now and I couldn't be more pleased. Good people growing good food right down the road...what's not to love?

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Love Freewheel
By: Mary Jane Pennington    (Feb 20, 2016)

Freewheel is a super special farm nestled in the city where an array of beautiful, bright vegetables and fruits are grown.

I found Freewheel at the grant park farmers market and was impressed by the cleanliness, freshness and rich color of the vegetables-Variety with a few exotic veggies I'd never seen before.

The tomatoes and peppers are always a win. It was love at first taste when I was introduced to green wave (peppery mustard green that almost tastes like wasabi) and freewheel's arugula is the best - ALWAYS sharp taste and tender texture.

I have the privilege of volunteering with farmer Brent who is always open to sharing his growing processes and sustainable practices. His kind demeanor is matched with his enthusiasm for growing (and on top of that he has a handsome cat Patrick that supervises)

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Free wheelin'
By:    (Feb 17, 2016)

Free Wheel Farm inspires and gives me hope as we transition into a more ecologically conscious society. Farmer Brent has taken a space that was sick and transformed it into a thriving farm. I hope this model of rehabilitation and remediation becomes a part of every neighborhood in our city. The food harvested from this farm is a direct reflection of the love Brent has invested into our community. Thank you Brent!

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The cream of the crop
By: Carolynn Ladd    (Feb 17, 2016)

As a private chef I'm always on the hunt for the best ingredients and Freewheel Farm never lets me down. Brent Hall's attention to detail, product knowledge and his passion for growing beautiful foods are the reasons I shop with him every Sunday at the Grant Park Farmers Market. I will forever be a customer, thanks Freewheel Farm for making my job easier.

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High quality organic locally grown produce
By: Debbie Katz    (Jan 1, 2016)

I always love stopping at the Freewheel Farm booth at Grant Park Farmers Market. The produce there is some of the cleanest and highest quality I have seen at market. I like knowing that I will have minimal cleaning/prep needed when using Brent's produce. I must say, the Freewheel Farm booth is one of the busiest at the market - a good sign that his product is very popular.

In addition to the standard farmers market fare, Brent often has unusual and/or specialty varieties of vegetables, and he almost always has ideas and suggestions on how to prepare and use everything that he grows.

The other thing I love about Freewheel Farm is how it took a kudzu- and trash- covered vacant lot in a neighborhood in the heart of an Atlanta and turned it into a beautiful, productive plot of land. Bravo, Brent! Keep doing what you do!

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Great people, superior produce!
By: Evan Neal    (Dec 27, 2015)

I've been enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of Brent's labor for two years now, and I am continually impressed with the consistently excellent quality of produce that his Freewheel Farm provides. Brent's diverse array of veggies, intown proximity, and thorough knowledge of healthy farming practices here in the southeast gives him a leg up in my opinion, and I would not be without the delicious food he grows. Check him out!!

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