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Bought a 1/4 cow from them
By: Hunter Williams    (Apr 19, 2019)

This was my first time buying wholesale. I did not know what to expect. Everything they say on the website and in their emails were right on the money. Starts with a $50 deposit online to reserve a 1/4 cow. (1st time so I got the smallest order.) Filled out a questionnaire as to how I wanted it cut. They kept me informed as to slaughter date, actual weight, pick up date and final cost estimate. I went to Gore Meats to pick up. I got 33.6 lbs of hamburger in 33 bags and 45.6 lbs other including steaks, roasts, 2 pints innards, and 3 meaty soup bones. Total 79.2 lbs (their est. 78 lbs). I spent $444.60 total (their est. $450). They said that 1/4 cow came with 2 ribs and asked in the questionnaire whether I wanted separate ribs or a rib roast. I asked for the roast and got neither. The issue may have been at Gore meats because I was given "one of the quarters" and not a specific one. Otherwise they would get 5 stars. The meat looks excellent. I would use them again.

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great meat, great price
By: David Dutil    (Dec 16, 2010)

I have purchased several half and whole beef orders from them and some heirloom pork as well. I have referred friends and anybody else who would listen. They have a great product at an incredibly low price and provide very good service. They do what they say they will do and keep the customer informed along the way.

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