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Best Products and Generosity of Spirit
By: Eileen Traylor    (Dec 15, 2009)

I have been benefiting from Handance for years, ever since they first started selling at the farmers market. As a matter of fact they introduced me to organic vegetables, and I never looked back. I feel very lucky to be part of a community that supports this kind of venture. I am always so amazed at the knowledge both Pat and Brian have and are willing to pass on to me in my attempts at gardening. It is obviously a passion of theirs. I often buy from other vendors too and they are wonderful but I have to say Handance is my favorite. I understand they are moving to a smaller farm they actually own and while I am happy for them, I realize it will mean less of those incredible greens. Thanks Pat and Brian for all that you have done for my family and the community.

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Handance is hands-down great!
By: Melissa Burris    (Oct 30, 2009)

I joined the Handance CSA for the first time this past year after hearing about and seeing all of the wonderful produce my neighbors were bringing home each week in their bag. My experience has been nothing but wonderful. I don't know how they work the long hours they do, show up long before daybreak each weekend, and manage to greet and assist the hundreds of people who cram into our small market, but they do, and they do it well. The produce is beautiful and bountiful, and Pat has always been so helpful with information, tips, and even special recipes for items I haven't cooked with before. And when the harvest is extra-plentiful, like it was with the tomatoes this year, we CSA folks were offered all of the "seconds" we wanted at no extra charge. Handance accomodates special requests as much as possible - like holding or postponing my bag when I'm going to be out of town. But with so much to do and so many to take care of, there's no way to be all things to all people. Impatient customers should remember that the folks you are talking to and buying from have worked themselves to the bone and put their heart and soul into the food you're getting - they aren't retail clerks who just hopped behind the counter fresh from the coffee bar or their spa appointments (not that I wouldn't enjoy one of those myself). They aren't sleeping much, and they're lucky if their income covers expenses, but we are the ones who consistently benefit from having the best possible food grown just a few miles from our doorsteps!

After my summer CSA was over, I re-upped for the fall, and I'd already be in for next year if Pat would let me. But the new signup won't happen until sometime in January, and if you want to be in on it, you'd better act quickly, because the shares sell out fast!

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