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Neil is pushy and rude
By: Teresa Abb    (Jun 7, 2014)

I went to the farmers market today and I had shopped with another farm (The fry Farm) and I love these people. Then I stopped by Neil Taylor's farm with my vegetables that I had bought from the Fry Farm. I picked up only beets and kohlrabi from Neil. When I went to pay for my vegetables, he questioned me as to where I had gotten the other vegetables from (as if I had stolen them from him). This highly upset me! I have shopped with Neil for over 4 years, including signing up for a CSA, but to be accused of stealing a head of fennel, takes the cake. Not only that, he tries to talk you into buying vegetables from him that you don't need or like. He is like a "used" car salesman and tries to torment you into buying things that you don't need or want. Note to Neil: most of us come to the farmers market to look around, buy locally grown food, and have a little fun. I have supported your farm for many years, but due to your accusations and rude comments, I will not shop with u again

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Had the juice
By: Laura Reed    (Sep 4, 2010)

wish I'd bought gallons! Mild, fresh, perfectly heavenly! Thank you so much!

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Wise & Economical Nourishment
By:    (May 31, 2008)

Imagine the ordered chaos of your grandfather's workshop. Apply it a small farm. Welcome to Taylor's Organic.

Here Farmer Taylor grows traditional Southern favorites (collards, poke salad, tomatoes, and okra) along side urban favorites (fennel, Swiss chard, arugula). A colony of happy bees keeps everything pollinated while brambles of blackberries and red clover spill over into rows. Farmer Taylor nurtures it all, coaxing fresh organic produce from richly enriched red soil.

My family enjoys weekly visits to the farm to pick up our fruits & veggies. The taste is divine; quality is excellent. This is a wise and economical way to nourish your family.

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