Rocky Knoll Acres is a small, family run farm located in Wyoming County. We specialize in raising Lincoln sheep, a rare heritage breed, of which there are currently less than 10,000 worldwide. Our beautiful herd of silver Lincolns started 15 years ago when our son won this rare breed of sheep in a 4-H essay contest, and we have been going strong ever since.

Other farm life you will find at Rocky Knoll Acres are a good ol' horse named Scarlett, egg laying chickens and ducks, Geese, and of course our canine companion named Jethro (AKA: Gibbs). All of our animals are pastured/free range, and are fed organic and naturally grown grains and hay.

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Rocky Knoll Acres specializes in raising a rare heritage breed of sheep known for their long beautiful and strong curly locks of wool. Longwool Lincoln Sheep are a large gentle breed that make great mothers and are easy to deal with. We offer "sheepy stuff" such as roving, yarn, raw fleeces, pelts,vintage wool blankets, scarves,and collectibles. We also sell registered breeding stock and freezer lambs. Happy, healthy free range ducks and chickens provide lots of quality eggs.

Raw fleece hand sheared twice per year (spring and fall). Each shearing yields 8-12 pounds of fleece with little vegetative matter. Cost is $15/lb.

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The peacefulness of this quiet country farm and the friendliness of these sweet, gentle animals renews the spirit! I so enjoyed learning the history of this farm and this breed.... [more]

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