Russell Meadows Floral & Nature Farm

Liberty, North Carolina
Family Farm

Russell Meadows is a lively miniature farm on property that was once part of a large traditional family farm. Most of the property was divided and sold into smaller agricultural plots years ago. Damion, Tammy and their daughter, Rheydyn are working to create an environment that enriches the lives of their family, animals and friends in the community who visit. Currently residing on the little farm are Muscovy ducks, chickens, guineas, two resident turkeys, a lovely herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats, two Miniature Pot-bellied pigs, three cats, Jessi - the mini Lowchen farm dog and their two Great Pyrenees named Shia and Kya who protect everyone!

The main focus of Russell Meadows is the freelance floral design business. Plants, flowers and herbs are an important part of the business, and they are working to grow many of the items used in Tammy's designs. Tammy is AIFD accredited, CFD and a NC Certified Professional Florist, as well as an award winning designer. After selling her retail florist in 2007, she began freelance designing from home and at select florists in the Triad. For the past several years, she has enjoyed being a full-time mom to Rheydyn, while working from her private studio designing beautiful arrangements for weddings, special events, churches, businesses, and individual clients in need of her floral services. Damion offers select services in photography. He has captured some very beautiful moments in nature such as butterflies, bees and dragonflies fluttering around the Triad, wildlife and the scenic beauty of our Mountain regions, as well as images of wild alligators, birds and other attractions at our NC coasts and various stops around the country! He also photographs weddings and special events. His photos will be available for purchase on their website -, facebook and at

In 2018, unsatisfied with the content of the public school curriculum, Damion and Tammy made the decision to homeschool their daughter! It has been an amazing decision! In addition to providing a very thorough and well rounded education, learning often takes place out in a natural setting! Tammy has also enjoyed teaching Rheydyn certain aspects of her business. Together, they forage for natural materials and are developing a new product line of artisan products! A few favorite items include: goat milk soaps, herbal sachets and other nature inspired crafts, a line of nature themed hair clips, bands, combs, etc. for children and adults, artistic floral jewelry/accessories and much more to come!

Items that are being grown at the "farm-ette" include: heirloom vegetables, a large selection of herbs and flowers often used in Tammy's designs, and lots of woody stems and branches from trees and shrubs that are trimmed and used in seasonal and holiday decorations. Foraging around the property for assorted natural items such as: feathers, mosses, lichens, pods and cones, etc. is a fun past time for the family! They also have two small seasonal greenhouses utilized mainly in the Spring and Summer.

In the near future,Tammy hopes to offer a variety of classes to individuals interested in learning the art of floral design and crafting with natural materials.

Listing last updated on Sep 17, 2020

We plan to have a variety of herbs, flowers and assorted goods and products available throughout all seasons! Fresh floral designs and faux replicas are available year round by requests, and may be ordered by calling 336-685-0321 Mon.-Fri. 9am-2pm and Saturdays 9:00 am - Noon.

We have purebred Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goats for sale! They are NOT meat goats and are NOT for consumption!
Currently available are adult does, bucks and wethers! We will have babies available in the Spring of 2021! Deposits must be made to reserve animals for purchase and are non-refundable! All goats may be registered at ADGA upon request.

God Bless our earth and those who tend it with love and respect.

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