From the green pastures of northern michigan, our family farm offers naturally grown/ grass fed lamb, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, ducks, turkeys, and rabbits. we rotationally graze our large animals. Our smaller animals are raised free range in portable growing pens. All are raised without the use of chemicals, antibiotics, feed supplements, or hormones. our farm land provides us with our winter hay and we have never used pesticides or fertilizers. Our grains are purchased from our neighboring farmers which keeps our local community strong. our large animals are all processed under usda inspection at a small family owned processor and our small animals are processed on our farm. we also own a commercial kitchen which allows us to create delicious products from the meats that we raise. making sustainable choices for our land and being dedicated to raising a healthy animal that provides naturally nutritious meat for your meals is our goal and we are committed to saving the small family farms that work hard to preserve both the land but a wonderful way of life.

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Our meats will make your meals memorable!

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Schedule and Location:

We sell all of our homegrown meats and eggs at the Fulton Street Farmers Market in Grand Rapids MI. Every Friday and Saturday, May thru November from 8am to 3pm. December thru April we are at the market every Saturday from 10am - 1ppm.

Schedule and Location:

We sell our meats and eggs directly from our Farm Store Mon-Sat. Call us any time 1-231-826-4400

We sell all of our meats to restaurants in the Grand Rapids and Traverse City, MI areas. Wednesday delivery day.

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I had heard about S&S Lamb a while back and wanted to try their products. I was excited to find out that they offered a monthly meat box, so I purchased one a couple of months ago.... [more]

I LOVE the meat, eggs, and SUPER friendly service. When first tried their products at the West Michigan COOP i thought WOW this meat is just simply amazing, and since then i don't like the meat i find at your regular store, it doesn't have the same richness or texture, and its not as fresh as the meat found here.... [more]

I did enjoy the lamb but as far as the claim best of the best I honestly can not concur. It was good but I have purchased better marbled at my local butcher (Tip Top Meats in Carlsbad Ca.... [more]

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Winter Continues


There seems to be no relief from winter weather here in Northern Michigan.  Snow continues to fall today covering the ground and covering my soul as well.  I'm so ready for warm breezes that blow the laundry on the line and move the windmill to the south.... [more]

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