Located in the lush rolling hills of Western New York, we raise and sell (seasonally)pastured beef and chickens in addition to Shiitake mushrooms.We use certified Organic (non-GMO) feed for the chickens and the beef are raised exclusively on mixed forage pasture and hay (grass fed and finished).&
Our philosophy is to raise our animals humanely and under conditions that allow them to express as much innate natural behaviors as possible. We encourage farm tours (by appt.). Please email us for further details regarding our products.

Listing last updated on Oct 26, 2020

Pastured (grass fed) Beef and Chicken, using certified Organic (non-GMO) feed for the chickens. We also sell log-grown Shiitake mushrooms and occasionally also have Wine-cap (Stropharia) mushrooms.

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On farm pick-up by appt seasonally.

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We bought two turkeys in 2018 and have requested 2 more for this year - best turkey we ever ate. Great flavor and it was so nice being able to use the entire bird - fat, skin, bones etc - without fear of residues from chemicals. Highly recommended.

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