We are an all natural family farm that produces home grown foods. Our products include USDA approved, by the pound grass-fed beef, humanely treated, antibiotic free pork and truly free-range chicken.

We have hogs on pasture and many of our animals (pork and chicken) are fed milk by-products, which result in a deep, rich flavor that generations before us enjoyed. We use MIG (Managment Intensive Grazing) methods to feed our animals the freshest, rapidly growing green grass possible, with minimal impact to the land and surrounding environment.

We are deeply committed to the principles of small farming and sustainable agriculture. We have estimated that it takes only 1.78 calories of petroleum, to produce a single calorie of beef or pork from our ranch - far less than the 9 calories needed in the conventional, corn-fed industrial system. Our members are encouraged to become involved in their local agriculture community.

SonRise offers their products from our website at www.son-riseranch.com shipped directly at our warehouse store in Miramar, CA.

We are not certified organic - but feed only organic feeds and use no pesticides. Call for information on any of our markets, or to place an order for pick up at the warehouse. You can also visit us a www.son-riseranch.com to see a complete listing of all our products, pictures of our ranches and read more about us.

Listing last updated on Jan 13, 2016

Our products are 100% all natural, small-farm raised - so your money is not going to support "industrial farming", it's supporting local, environmentally friendly and concerned farmers.

Season:  January through January

Type:  single farm

Since:  2009

Share Prices:  Grass Fed Beef CSA - $198.00/month Free-Range Pork CSA - 176.00 / month Mixed (Beef and Pork) - $209.00 / month For exact details of what is included visit www.son-riseranch.com

Work Req?  No

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While I didn't buy anything from SonRise, I did contact them for some professional advice. Matt was warm, friendly, knowledgeable and helpful. He was happy to share information and give advice to me about the value of going organic and ways to reap nutrition from chickens.

I have ordered several times from Sonrise Ranch and have always been satisfied. I order a 1/4 cow at a time, and Doug and company have been great about tailoring my order to my needs.... [more]

I definitely prefer this bacon over other flavored, sweetened bacon that I typically find from other vendors or grocery stores. The bacon is rich, and naturally not too sweet or salty.... [more]

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