Stokes Farm has been producing natural foods since 1995. We sell grass fed beef and naturally grown pork. We serve customers from as far away as Atlanta and Athens. Our farm is between Lawrenceville and Dacula one mile from the intersection of GA 316 and Harbins Rd.

Our cattle are mostly Angus and range freely over lush pastures with continuous access to hay, minerals and fresh water. They never receive grains, hormones or antibiotics. Our beef tastes great and always love sharing cooking tips and recipes with our customers.

Our hogs live in large open paddocks year round, but fall is when they really have fun. After Halloween they get to play soccer with overstocked pumpkins until the orange globes burst open spilling their filling of sweet seeds and flesh. Last year one of our big sows got a pumpkin stuck on her snout and ran round and round the pasture like a porcine version of Rudolf until the pumpkin fell of, and she could eat it properly. Our hogs are mostly Berkshire and Red Wattle with a small percentage of Kune Kune.

Our practices: we use very few chemical inputs on the farm, and we always look to a natural input or remedy first. We use naturally mined minerals to build our soil and keep animals thriving. We rotate crops and plant beneficial flowers to control disease and insect damage. We never use daily antibiotics or prophylactic weed killers on our fields. Having said that we like living in the 21st Century, and if an animal develops pneumonia, it gets a shot of antibiotic. Poison ivy gets a quick shot of RoundUp. When we discover more natural approaches to crises we implement them, but sometimes things happen, and we have to be practical. Our ultimate goal is to bring as few off farm inputs as possible to Stokes Family Farm and leave the land healthier than we found it.

Purchases are made by appointment and are picked up at the slaughter house. Please contact us , so we can let you know when we have meats available.

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Buy local foods to preserve farmed green spaces, decrease your carbon footprint, pay farmers a living wage.

Schedule and Location:

We welcome guests to the farm and ask that you respect our time by making at least a $50 purchase when we take you on a farm tour. Saturday mornings from 9 to 11AM are free. Regular customers are welcome to visit the farm for self guided tours as long as we know you are coming.

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I got eggs, sweet potatoes and apples.

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