Townline Farm Poultry Reserve, Inc.

Linesville, Pennsylvania
Family Farm

Since 1991, Townline Farm Poultry Reserve,Inc. (a family run Conservation farm) has been raising several varieties of RARE HERITAGE TURKEYS, CHICKENS and GEESE. These fowl are naturally bred, hatched and sustainably pasture grazed. These are NOT just commercial birds that are field raised. Rare Heritage birds are self breeding and natural grazers. Their quality of taste and meat texture is far superior to their commercial cousins. Our products include Turkey and chicken hatching eggs, poults, chicks and goslings, for those wishing to raise their own flock. We have brown chicken eggs and turkey eggs, for eating as well as finished table birds for fine dining. We use no additives or hormones in our poultry. Order by phone, fax, e-mail or letter. We do ship nationally. Please visit our website ( or call 1-814-683-4756 for more information. Our flock consists of Kardosh Bronze and Midget White Turkeys, Buff Orpington and Buckeye Chickens, American Buff and Pilgrim Geese. Thank you for visiting....Dayna and Bill

Listing last updated on Jan 6, 2008

Spring 2008- We will continue to have brown eggs available from our pasture raised Buff Orpington chickens...We are now able to provide pasture raised Heritage turkey and chickens year round.

Schedule and Location:

Turkey, chicken and eggs may be picked up at the farm. Call ahead for availability of products....We do ship our products nationally.
Restaurant requests by pre-order and are delivered

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