Trinity Woolen Mill is a family owned & operated cottage industry, supporting sustainable agriculture and stewardship of the land. We maintain a closed flock of our own heritage sheep breeds, Blue Faced Leicester & Lincoln Long Wool, for handspun wool production as well as grass-fed lamb meat and artisan sheeps-milk cheese production. The Mill seeks to serve the needs of the cottage spinner, weaver, quilter & felter. We offer custom cleaning, picking & carding of wool into roving or batts. We use only "green", bio-degradeable, non-phosphate, dye-free, fragrance-free potions, so the client is assured only the safest, most environmentally friendly product back. Raw wool for processing is accepted via shipping, USPS, or we welcome a visit so you can tour the farm & Mill when you deliver your wool. You can also find our own hand-spun yarns, knit bags, hats & mittens, and woven rugs & shawls here. We seem to cover most anything you can produce with a sheep!

Listing last updated on Jan 18, 2010

Trinity Woolen Mill is a cottage farm industry, processing small wool producers fiber to roving or batts, for hand-spinning or quilting. We also maintain a closed flock of Heritage sheep, pasture fed & managed, for growing our own specialty wools, grass-fed lamb & sheeps milk cheese. We also offer value-added finished products such as hand-spun yarns, knit bags, hats & mitts, and woven shawls & rugs. This is an all natural facility, completely environmentally friendly!

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