I am the owner and operator of a small salmon boat in Bristol Bay Alaska. Each summer I have a portion of my catch frozen. I then smoke or sell these Wild Sockeye Salmon products locally. What started out as a friends and family deal has grown to the point that I can now offer this salmon to the public. Bristol Bay salmon is certified "sustainable" by the Marine Stewardship Council and the EDF. I am very proud to be a stakeholder and proponent of this global model of sustainability. I am a member of the BBRSDA and SAVE Bristol Bay organizations. The season is short in Bristol Bay and it is best to preorder your desired salmon products before June each year. I offer 20lb boxes of frozen fillets (13-18ct), 10lb boxes of individually shrink wrapped 6oz. portions, and whole or partial smoked fillets. I will periodically travel to the STL ,SPRFLD, and Columbia/Jeff areas for delivery of larger orders. You may follow me on Facebook to place your orders and receive updates on the availability of salmon. My salmon is premium quality direct from the fisherman.

Listing last updated on Oct 30, 2017

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Literally the best salmon!!!!!!!

this is literally my dad 10/10

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