Wholesome Living Acres is a certified organic farm that is nestled into the quiet rolling hills of Lykens, PA. The farm is the home to free range hens, pastured cows and pigs. Wholesome Living Acres is a grower for Tuscarora Organic Growers specializing in garlic, asparagus and an assortment of other seasonal fruits and vegetables. The eggs from the pastured hens are unsurpassed in quality. These ladies are fed a soy free and GMO free diet of grain as well as having full access pasture to a fresh "salad" every day. Some of the wares from this organic farm are also offerd along with other local produce, artisanal cheese, local honey, baked goods, organic flour, yogurt and much more on the Local List for Sustainable Choices, a local food buying club.

Listing last updated on Mar 8, 2014

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These eggs are truly remarkable! The yolk is bright orange and full of flavor. All I can say is WOW! I will probably not be able to eat store- bought eggs from now on.....

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