Woodtrail Graziers offers healthful meat from animals raised naturally on organically maintained pasture. Our Belted Galloway calves are born on our pastures, are raised by their mothers, and join the herd to enjoy a stress-free life entirely on our farm. Our cattle are 100% grass fed and grass finished. No corn or grain is used to fatten our animals, as in industrial beef production. An all pasture diet is not only what nature intended ruminants like cattle to eat, it also ensures that the meat we derive from them has a healthful balance of omega-3 and omega-6 fats. By comparison, the corn-finished beef you find in supermarkets and restaurants has almost no omega-3 while having an unhealthful excess of omega-6.

We also raise Tamworth pigs for their suitability to pasture raising as well as their exceptional meat. Like the Galloway cattle, Tamworths are a rare breed since they are not used in industrial farming. Our pigs romp and play on fresh pasture, from which they derive a good portion of their diet. Unlike cattle, pigs are able to properly digest grain, and we feed ours a diet of local cracked grains as well as all the unwanted fruits and vegetables that we can get from other farmers.

Finally, we offer pasture-raised chickens and meat rabbits that are also supplemented with local feed. The chickens provide us with a pasture cleaning service as well as eggs and meat. We grow ours slower than the industrial chicken houses to provide superior flavor, and we don't soak the birds in their cleaning water as do the chicken processing factories that supply our supermarkets. Our rabbits are raised as a 4-H Forage Club project on fresh grass daily and are individually processed by hand. This assures you of clean meat that is free of the bacteria contamination that we all have been taught to think is unavoidable with industrially farmed pork and chicken.

As a side business, we also raise French and American Alpine dairy goats and are practicing making goat's-milk cheeses.

We sell our products year round at the Leesburg Farmers Market, and also offer products for sale directly at our farm. Call us first to check availability.

Listing last updated on Feb 18, 2018

100% Grass-Fed Beef, Pastured Pork, Pastured Chicken, Duck, rabbit, turkey seasonally. All naturally grown, on organically-maintained, CNG-certified pasture. Our food animals receive no antibiotics, wormers, or medications except vitamins for calving or kidding and, if a vet is needed, sometimes a local anesthetic.

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Leesburg Farmers Market, Leesburg, Virginia (Catoctin Circle, Saturday mornings until noon.

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