Granite Beauty Apple

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This heritage apple from Weare, NH, is crisp and tender, with abundant juice and a pleasant sugar to acid balance. When first tasted many describe the flavor as having an initial burst of "warm spice" reminiscent of coriander or cardamom. Until recently, it was considered functionally extinct. The uniqueness and reliable fruit production of this variety make it an ideal choice both for home apple growers and small-scale orchardists, especially in the Northeast.

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Out on a Limb Heritage Apple CSA

  Palermo, ME

We are gearing up for the fifth year of our Out on a Limb Apple CSA, and we hope you will join us! Once again we'll be offering a wide assortment of endangered, historical and just plain unusual eating and cooking apples, including some that we've never offered before. (more...)

Once Upon a Meadow Farm and Dairy

  Kernersville, NC

We are a small family farm raising heirloom and heritage breeds in everything from apples to Thanksgiving turkeys. We offer pastured heritage Lilac and Bronze turkeys for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and starting in 2013, will be offering raw aged goat cheese from our herd of wild spanish-dairy goat cross does. (more...)

Farm to Fork Meat MOBILE

  Prospect Hill, NC

New Pasture Farm is a multi-species, non GMO, soy free farm. Biotechnology free farming is a passion of ours, as well as providing nutrient dense and therapeutic food for people, pets, and livestock. The first step for any pasture based farm is pasture quality and health. In NC this can be a challenge, hence the need for grain supplementation. (more...)