Louisiana Satsuma (Brown's Select & Owari)

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The Louisiana Satsuma was imported from Japan in the early 1800's and immediately adapted by the populace, thanks to it's easily-separated sections of sweet, brilliant orange fruit and easy‚??to-peel green and yellow skin. The Owari Satsuma is a leading variety of citrus grown in Louisiana. The trees have a weeping willow-like habit of growth, with large sweeping limbs. The fruits are small with a high percentage of mild juice and few seeds. The Brown's Select variety produces medium-to-large fruit with a smooth peel and yellow-orange skin

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Vicksburg Farmers' Market

  Vicksburg, MS

The Vicksburg Farmers' Market meets at the corner of Grove and Levee Streets, in downtown Vicksburg, from June through September each year. Saturdays from 8:00-11:00 a.m. the market hosts farmers and artisans, with live music as a backdrop and planned activities for children. (more...)

Turkey Hill Farm

  Tallahassee, FL

At Turkey Hill Farm we grow vegetables and fruits for market and select local restaurants. In Fall, Winter and Spring we grow Lettuces, traditional Southern greens, Asian greens, arugula, carrots, turnips, Brassicas, radishes, scallions, green garlic, turmeric, ginger, and Satsumas. (more...)

Shreveport Farmers Market

  Shreveport, LA

Our large market takes place Summer 2016 Saturdays, June 4 to August 27 (except June 18) Tuesdays, June 7 to July 18 Fall 2016 Saturdays, October 22 to November 19(more...)

Oakdale Farmers Market

  Oakdale, LA

We are a producers Farmers Market located at 176 Highway 165 S in the parking lot of K&R Furniture Store next to Burger King and Tractor Supply just south of Oakdale Louisiana. We are open every Friday morning from 7:30am till Noon and every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm till 6pm. (more...)

Munkebo Farm

  Manor, TX

We grow produce using sustainable methods. We have pasture raised ducks, chickens, guinea, Piedmontese and Angus cattle and pigs. We use spent Non-GMO grain from local breweries mixed with Coyote Creek Organic Feed for our flock and pigs. We sell Muscovy ducks at any stage of development for starting your own flock. (more...)

Market At Dothan

  Dothan, AL

Market At Dothan is a Year Round, Online Farmers Market @ www.MarketAtDothan.locallygrown.net.Sign up for free account to shop Saturday through Tuesday evening. Market At Dothan pick up for Online orders is Fridays,Dothan Nurseries, 10am-12pm. (more...)