Popenoe avocado

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Unlike most oily commercial varieties, the Popenoe avocado is lighter, enormous (up to a pound each), has a shiny green skin and grows well in humid sub-tropical and tropical areas. The football-shaped Popenoe is described as firmer, creamier and juicier than the Haas avocado. There are currently no commercial operations to grow the Popenoe. Clonal reproduction of this cultivar has been very limited and distribution by seed has historically been more common for non-commercial avocados in Florida and Honduras. Sustainable production of the Popenoe avocado will require clonal reproduction of the few existing trees.

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Urban Oasis Project

  Miami, FL

We now have a 5-acre farm we are developing in Homestead, to grow more veggies for South Florida! We began as urban gardeners, aspiring to be urban homesteaders, in 2008. We still sell surplus garden produce as it becomes available, so you can eat fresh, just-picked local fruits and veggies, grown without poisons! (more...)

Serenity Farm

  Murrieta, CA

Welcome to Serenity Farm. We are a small Livestock and Produce farm located in the picturesque Santa Rosa Rancho's area of Murrieta. With our higher elevation and unique micro climate we are able to grow produce 3 seasons out of the year and have some unique heirloom varieties that people are coming to love! (more...)

North Florida Tropical Entertainment

  Sanderson, FL

Luffa. Canna, Banana, Palms, Horses & Boarding welcome, or rent ours. Instructor and guides available! Camping, Kayaking, Canoeing, Weddings and party packages. All of our products are home grown, on our farm, or by others near-by.(more...)

Bee Heaven Farm / Redland Organics

  Redland, FL    LocalHarvest Sponsor!

Bee Heaven Farm runs a multifarm-CSA from mid-November thru April. We provide produce from our Redland Organics member farms and other South Florida organic and sustainable growers. In summer we ship certified Organic Florida Avocados mail-order to your home directly from the farm. (more...)