Blanc de Hotot rabbit

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The Blanc de Hotot (pronounced Oh-Toe) is a beautiful rabbit, with frosty white fur and black eyes, rimmed with black "spectacles" which give it a characteristic scholarly look. The Hotot has large, long, flaring ears, similar to a jack rabbit, which enable it to cool itself in hot weather. It has a compact body with a deep loin ?? the best cut of meat. Hotots, originally developed in France, were first imported to the US in 1978 and the breed remains globally endangere

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The Rare Hare Barn

  Leon, KS

The Rare Hare Barn was founded in 2003, in response to our desire to find a higher quality meat product than was available in the stores. We wanted to have food that we could be assured of its quality. Our fryers are raised humanely and on grass whenever possible. They are fed a diet made from local grains custom made into pellets. (more...)

Catherine's for Lamb

  Grand Forks, ND

Soon after I married North Dakota farmer Kent Pfennig, I began to miss the exceptional flavor of lamb I grew up with in New Zealand. Determined to meet or exceed those lofty standards for taste and quality, I also yearned to make our Driscoll, North Dakota family farm more sustainable. (more...)