Southern Louisiana Traditional Tasso

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Tasso is a lean cut of pork, the length of a pig's arm, which is smoked all day long over a pecan, oak or hickory-wood fire. This dish is a reincarnation of the French, "Tasseau," a heavily spiced, jerked pork. Tasso meat is intensely flavored with spices as a tool of preservation and is used in a diversity of dishes from Jambalaya to Gumbo to pasta. Tasso is available commercially from a few sources in southern Louisiana.

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We are a very small, urban farm, right in the heart of Austin. We are located about a mile east of the state capital building on land that was first used to grow food over 100 years ago! Currently we offer heirloom produce from September to June. 3 times per year we have Freedom Ranger Chicken. (more...)