Geo duck clam

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Correctly pronounced "gooey-duck," this name comes from the Nisqually American Indian people of Washington State, who called the animals "Gwe-duk," meaning "dig-deep". Geoduck clams are found throughout coastal British Columbia to depths of more than 110 meters. The clams are unique because of the length of their siphons - or necks - which enables them to burrow so deeply. The geoduck's sweet flavor and crunchy texture reveals itself best when the clam is eaten either raw - in sushi or sashimi - or very quickly cooked in a sti

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Sound Fresh Clams and Oysters

  Shelton, WA

We are a multi-generational family farm which grows shellfish on Little Skookum inlet near Shelton, Washington. We grow Skookum Point Pacific oysters and our native Olympia oysters (also an Ark of Taste item). Visit us at the Olympia Farmers Market where you can find our clams and oysters fresh daily from our beach.(more...)