Marbled Chinook salmon

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The Marbled Chinook is a distinct fish that occurs predominantly in the fisheries of Washington and Southwestern British Columbia. The fish is robust and deep-bodied with a bluish-green coloration on its back that fades to silvery sides and a white belly. The term "marbled" refers to the coloration of its flesh, which contains varying amounts of both red and white pigmentation of the flesh, and gives it a marbled appearance throughout the body of the fish. When fishermen catch a Chinook salmon, they don't know if it will be red, white or marbled until it is cleaned. Washington Marbled Chinook Salmon has a full and rich flavor with a firm texture and a silky mouth feel due to its high fat co

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Princess Seafood

  Fort Bragg, CA

Princess Seafood is one commercial fishing vessel named Princess and the three young women who run it. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality, sashimi grade salmon, albacore and sablefish all caught in the healthiest fisheries with low impact gear. (more...)

Oregon Farmers Market

  Oregon, WI

Fresh From Local Family Farms To Your Family's Table! Every TUESDAY from 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm May through October 787 N. Main St., Oregon, Wisconsin, In front of Bill's Food Center. (more...)

McFarland Farmers Market

  McFarland, WI

McFarland's Farmers' Market. The best locally produced food and art from our families to yours. Every Thursday 2:00 pm - 6:00 pm May 2nd through October 31st, 2013. At the Spartan Bowl, 4711 Farwell St., The big blue building accost from Culver's, behind Kwik Trip. McFarland, WI (more...)