Alaskan Birch Syrup

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This sweet and creamy confections hails from Alaska, where Birch trees are plentiful and maples scarce. Making Birch Syrup is a time-demanding effort and today few producers take up this challenge.

Birch Syrup ranges in color from light amber to dark reddish-brown, depending on the season of harvest. The lighter syrups are generally products of the earlier part of the season and are more subtle in flavor. Darker syrups, from later in the season, are more full-bodied and potent. These syrups are used as a spice to flavor different foods, both savory and sweet. Both varieties of Birch Syrup have bold, piquant flavors similar to sorghum or horehound candy.

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Renaissance Farms

  Barre, MA

Shares available Year-Round ~Heirloom vegetables ~ Farm fresh eggs ~ Wild harvested foods ~ Pasture raised meats ~and more...[/li] Real food raised the way it should be: From heirloom seeds grown in soil that is rich and healthy, from heritage breeds raised on carefully managed pastures and woodland. (more...)

North Pole Peonies

  North Pole, AK

North Pole Peonies is a family owned peony farm located about 12 miles outside of North Pole, close to Eielson Air Force Base. Established in 1997, we have 30 acres with 17 cleared and in production. We are the largest peony farm in Interior Alaska and one of the largest in Alaska. We ship peonies to the lower-48, Hawaii, Canada, and Asia. (more...)

Kahiltna Birchworks

  Wasilla, AK

At Kahiltna Birchworks/Alaska Wild Harvest we are producers of pure Alaska birch syrup. While not traditionally considered farmers (we are not growing the birch trees); we are farmers in the sense that we harvest the sap from the trees - currently 3500 - during a brief and intense harvest period each spring. (more...)

Alaskan Hen House

  wasilla, AK

Happy and healthy hens produce lots of delicous and healthy eggs and meat. Our eggs come in many different colors, green, blue, brown, pink and speckled. We have fertile eggs for hatching. Chicks, goslings, turkey poults and grown birds for meat are available in limited amounts. We provide poultry processing services also. (more...)