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We know our bees personally! They live with us, buzzing contentedly in our backyard apiary in Miami. We offer raw honey, which is never heated or processed in any way. This means it retains all of it's original enzymes, vitamins and minerals, which makes it one of nature's perfect foods. There are few places in America that provide the sultry, tropical climate necessary to produce the exotic honeys we offer.

We are a residence, not a store! You are cordially invited to stop by and pick up some honey. But you must call first so we can schedule your visit. We can let you know what's in stock and bottle up what you need. We have an increasing number of honey lovers driving long distances and showing up on our doorstep! We are very friendly, but this is Miamii!!! We cannot open our door for unexpected strangers. So you must call before you visit. We are eager to meet you!

We love our Tropical Wildflower honey, collected from a variety of local nectars. This is abundantly available all year round. We also offer Avocado/Lychee, Saw Palmetto and Orange Blossom honey, seasonally.

The wax cappings collected when we harvest the honey are melted down to make beeswax candles. and we pour beeswax into 1 oz. Blocks which are useful for lubricating tools. So nothing goes to waste!

We also love producing our beautiful designer soaps, scrubs and body butters. We use our own honey and beeswax, added to ingredients like glycerin, shea butter, cinnamon, nutmeg, oatmeal, herbs and essential oils. Purity is the key!

We believe ours will be the best honey you've ever tasted!But don't take our word for it...find out for yourself!

Note: we do not do bee removal!


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Need honey for the holidays? Honey is a meaningful and inexpensive gift. Buy a bottle or a bear for everyone on your list! Feature local honey at your next event! Our 2 oz. baby bears are the cutest party favor ever. Great for weddings and showers. Small enough for airport security & carry-on bags! We have an educational outreach program! "What's the Buzz?" is fun, fast paced & awesome for both children and adults. Honey tasting, candlemaking & more. Great for groups, camps, events.

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I got along without you for 100,000,000 years.

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