Ginger Ridge Farms

"Aloha 'Aina" simply means to love and respect the land, make it yours and claim stewardship for it. Our island, our earth, our mother is all the same thing. She needs our love and respect.

"Malama 'Aina" means to care for and nurture the land, so it can give back all that we need to sustain life for ourselves and our children for future generations.

Ginger Ridge Farms was the largest organic ginger and banana producer in the USA for many years.We are now focusing primarily on vegetables and bananas.We pioneered the organic ginger market across the USA and opened many doors in some 'non organic' establishments as well. We supplied all the KTA's and Sure Save supermarkets on the Big Island plus many of the health food stores for many years.

We also supplied Star Market on Oahu as well as whole sellers and health food stores on Maui, Kauai, Canada and across the USA. In addition to the fresh food market we have also ventured in to supplying herbal companies, baby food companies, juice companies and specialty markets and restaurants with-dried, chipped, whole and powdered bananas. Candied ginger, baby sushi ginger, dried, ground and powdered ginger. We helped supply Knudsen with the development of their first ginger ale and their ginger lemon juice and ginger echinacea juice.


Listing last updated on Jul 22, 2013

Shares will consist of a mixed variety of the vegetables, depending on season and availability.

One share will feed approximately 2-4 people for a week, depending on your overall diet. Vegetarians will probably need to supplement their share, while those with more varied diets will probably find that it lasts them a full week or longer.

Season:  Year round

Type:  single farm

Since:  2007

Full Share:  $100 per month

Work Req?  No

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