Hi. My husband & I produce the highest quality eggs from quail, ducks and chickens on our small farm. All fed a natural diet, our repeat customers tell us we produce the best-tasting eggs of all three types around. Ducks and chickens are pastured and we are experimenting with the quail in that direction as well. Even so, all three are fed an all-natural diet free of all hormones, chemicals.

We will deliver weekdays on orders of $120 or more, or find us in the Local Farmers Building, Dallas Farmers Market, Saturdays only.

Some people allergic to chicken eggs can eat duck or quail eggs without problems but such people should check with their doctors first. A search of health benefits of both quail eggs and duck eggs is pretty amazing.

Let us serve your egg needs whether you are an individual just wanting the best for your family or a restaurant or bakery chef wanting the best foods to work with.

Listing last updated on Oct 4, 2012

For the absolute best in quail, duck and chicken eggs, call us!

Schedule and Location:

Local Farmers Market
Dallas Farmers Market
Pearl Street
Downtown Dallas
SATURDAYS ONLY 9 a.m.-2 p.m.

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