Whitney Ranch

We are a family farm located near the ocean just south of Santa Barbara, Ca. We grow blueberries, meyer lemons, avocados and a few specialty garden crops which we sell at many Certified Farmers' Markets including the Santa Barbara and Santa Monica from February through June. We often have blueberries to sell at our ranch at other times of the year. Call us to see whats in season!

Listing last updated on Mar 4, 2013

Because of our mild climate we generally have Blueberries and Meyer lemons year round with only a short time of unavailability. Many of the blueberry varieties we grow are being tested by the Farm Advisor of the University of California Extension Service for recommendation to new blueberry growers, so we have the latest and most successful varieties available.

Schedule and Location:

Santa Barbara -downtown-Saturday-8:30-12:30
Santa Monica-Promenade-Wednesday-8:30-1:30

Our blueberries are carried at many Whole Foods Markets in Southern California and in Santa Barbara from January through June.
Because we do ship wholesale through distributors we have had customers call from as far away as Colorado and Texas. Pretty good for a small family farm!

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We have been purchasing blueberries from the Whitneys for 5 years now. The blueberries are delicious and of top quality. We look forward to every year's season. It is a joy to support this small family farm!

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