Zephyr Creek Farms

Zephyr Creek Farms was established to provide a local food source for both our family and our community. We feel very strongly about the care and treatment of our animals, and the sustainability of our lands. We utilize a contained free-range system with all poultry. This free range system allows the birds a much wider array of vitamins and minerals as they graze the grasses and bugs while still protecting them from predators. It also puts much needed nutrients back into the land as the pens are moved at least once a day and the birds "naturally" fertilize the land.

Starting In 2012 we will also be offering a wide variety of heirloom vegtables.

To order email us or call 810-614-3498 and leave a message.

We always enjoy sharing our story and answering questions.

Listing last updated on Mar 27, 2013

We will be participating in the Imlay City and Lapeer Farmers Markets for the 2013 season!

Schedule and Location:

Imlay City Farmers Market
Thursday 1-6pm may-nov 2013

Lapeer Farmers Market
Saturday 9-2pm may-nov 2013
Wednesday 9-2pm July-aug 2013

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