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Elephant Heart PlumThe Elephant Heart Plum was developed in Sonoma County by Luther Burbank from his collection of Japanese plums in 1929. The Elephant Heart grows primarily in the California region of the US.

The plum has smooth skin that is unusually mottled like a russet pear. The flesh is a consistent dark ruby red, which is why it often bears the name, blood plum. When perfectly ripe, the meat is so juicy that it is more like a beverage than a fruit. The soft flesh is luscious with tropical and vanilla overtones. The fragrance is subtle, the flavors rich and distinctive. The skin has a tart, berry flavor.

The Elephant Heart plum is grown by some home gardeners and only a few fruit farmers – those with small farms that practice hand picking and packing.

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Windsor Certified Farmers Market

  Windsor, CA

Visit Sonoma County's most creative and energetic Certified Farmers Market in the heart of Sonoma County's Wine Country on the beautiful 5 acre Windsor Town Green. We are open Sundays from April to December and in the summer June, July and August Thirsday Nights. (more...)

Willow Bend Farm

  Hiltons, VA

Willow Bend Farm is a family owned sustainable farm. We raise heritage breed ducks and dairy goats and grow heirloom vegetables. We also grow gourmet mushrooms, tend to our honey bees and offer workshops on a variety of topics.(more...)

Wagner Farms

  Corrales, NM

Located in the heart of Corrales is Wagner's Farm. This farm has been around since 1910 and has been owned and operated through four generation of the Wagner Family. Come shop at the Wagner's Farm store in Corrales and you will find farm fresh produce that is picked every morning. (more...)

Vineyard Farmers Market

  Fresno, CA

Vineyard Farmers Market provides the finest quality locally grown, fruits and vegetables direct from the grower and is dedicated to providing your family with a healthy grocery experience - year round! (more...)

Tonopah Farmers Market

  Tonopah, NV

Welcome to the Tonopah Farmers Market! The Tonopah Farmers Market is rich in tradition. This lively market is known for its farm fresh local produce, baked goods and fine hand crafted products. (more...)

Tomahnous Farm

  Mahomet, IL

We raise a diverse variety or certified organic fruits, vegetables, and mushrooms as well as honey, milk, eggs, and pasture fed & heritage meats.(more...)