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Lost Emails

Hi Everyone,


Apparently during the blackout of Hurricane Irene, many emails did NOT reach me. My apologies, I have caught up for the most part so I am just putting this out there:

If you have emailed me during the time of October 28 - November 19th and have NOT received a response from me, please resend your email and I will address your concerns ASAP!!!!

If you have called during these times and up until about November 19 or so and have also NOT received a call back for me, please give me call again. The lineman were tending to our lines and our phone and internet were on and off until problems were fixed.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your patience and understanding, we still have a long way to go with recovery but we are all thankful and blessed to be here!!

Peaceful blessings for the most sacred holiday season ahead!!


Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Hi Everyone!

Just letting everyone know that we are okay, minor damage but many of our friends and neighbors were not so lucky. We lost power for many days and just got it back on but that was nothing compared to the destruction only a few streets over from me.

I am trying to get as many orders out as possible and am doing my best to reply to the over 400 emails I have ahead of me; I will do my best to get back to you if you have contacted me. Also, if anyone has called, our phones were out as well so please try again with hopes you are connected.

There are many towns around me that still do not have power, internet or anything. Street lights are out and gas is being rationed.

Our town post office has just reopened but the wait is very long as residents are trying to retrieve mail from a home that may no longer be standing. I have attached a link below which are images from my town of Keyport. I live only a stones through from many of these images and am thankful and blessed that my family and I are okay with minor damages.

Again, I am doing my best to catch up. I hope everyone can understand and I do aplogize for the delay in getting the orders out and answering emails; I can't type and make teas so I am trying to get as much done as I can in a day :)

Here is the link, it is titled "After Hurricane Sandy Keyport, NJ"

There is a pending Nor'easter storm headed our way for tomorrow (wed) and Thursday, they are calling for high winds, flooding and possible snow. If I lose power again, my apologies in advance and please know, I will again do my best to catch up.

Blessings to everyone during this time and please say a few extra prayers for those that lost a lot more then power  . . .

For my fellow New Jerseyians . . . "we are Jersey Shore strong"!!!!!


A special Thank You and shipping news for Hurricane Sandy

A special thank you to everyone who participated in the annual Medicinal Herb Sale! I hope everyone will enjoy their remedies and if anyone has any questions, please let me know!

Another note - the pending "Frankenstorm" is proposed to hit my area of New Jersey very hard. Impending power outages and flooding may be a result of this monstrous storm which is expected to hit us Sunday evening into Tuesday. Should power outages and other issues be a concern, please know that I will not have access to the internet or based on fallen trees etc, may not have access to get out to the Post Office. Orders will ship as soon as "life" continues and clean up crews have cleared the way.

We are all very nervous here in my area of New Jersey and are praying that the storm will take a different path.

Please know I will attend to any orders placed as soon as possible with hopes Hurricane Sandy will not bother us!

Without power I will not have access to emails or a phone, so again, please bear with me should you attempt to contact me, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you all for understanding and also best wishes to anyone who may be in my area or surrounding area who may be affected by this storm.

Peaceful blessings and be safe!


Annual Herb Sale Begins!

It is that wonderful time of year again where Local Harvest offers a 15% discount on herbal remedies to supply your winter medicine cabinet!

I am so honored to say I have been apart of this sale for many years and do enjoy this time of year when folks like to try new things to get them ready for the winter months ahead.

Now is also a great time to stock up on my detox blends for the new year ahead as well as daily teas such as Oatstraw and Nettle.

All of my remedies will be discounted by 15% until October 22nd!!

Take some time for you and try a nice calming tea like my Snuggle Up or if you prefer a nice blend to send you off to sleep, Nighty Night.

All of my remedies are made at the time of order, nothing is batched or pre made so it can take me a little longer to get the orders out when the sale is ongoing. My apologies, I always try and do my best to get everything out ASAP so your mailbox and mail carrier will be happy when they deliver you wonderfully scented package full of loving tea!

Peaceful Blessings always and embrace the beautiful autumn season; allow Mother Earth to offer her fruits in a plentiful harvest!



Amazing Grace Herbals is on Facebook!!

Hello Everyone!!!

Just wanted to spread the word that I am on Facebook, just search "Amazing Grace Herbals LLC"!

I try and post new articles everyday on herbs, nutrition, good health, gardening and many other things to help build and keep a healthy lifestyle.

Come check it out, I love receiving comments on the wall and will be starting "giveaway's" soon!

Peaceful Blessings and Happy Planting!!!


Special Meaning of Passion Flower Herb

A beautiful article I can across entitled "Plants to Look At in Lent" by Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco - I found it beautifully explained the flower and plant and was very symbolic to this time of year. Whether you are spiritual or not, it is a lovely and meaningful description that was honored many years ago.


Here is a link to the article in case it doesn't all show up here, the site has pictures to which help you to see what they are explaining -

Tradition holds that St. Patrick used shamrocks to explain the mysteries of the Christian faith to the people of Ireland. In the New World, Spanish missionaries used the passion flower, which is indigenous to the tropical Americas, in much the same way.

The priests christened the flower (right) they encountered in the Caribbean “la flor de las cinco llagas” — the flower of the five wounds — for its various parts were seen as symbolic of various aspects of Christ’s crucifixion.

“Early explorers felt that the passion flower had a special purpose to promote the spiritual life among the people where it grew,” wrote Patrick Jesse Pons-Worley, author of The Passionfruit Cookbook (ChloroPhorms Books, 2001; $17).

The spiraled tendons of the plant, he notes, were taken as symbols of the lashes Christ endured, and the central flower column as the pillar of the scourging. The 72 radial filaments of the flower were seen as the crown of thorns; the three stigmas as symbols of the nails used in the crucifixion, as well as the holy Trinity; the five anthers, as the five wounds of Christ; and the style as the sponge doused in vinegar used to moisten Christ’s lips. Taken together, the five petals and five sepals were used to refer to the ten apostles who did not either betray or deny Christ. The fragrance of the flower, continued Pons-Worley, helped recall the spices used to embalm the body of Christ.Finally, its globular egg-size fruit was taken as a symbol of the world that Christ saved through his suffering. Passion fruit

More about Passion Fruit

In Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries, the delicacy we know as passion fruit came to be called “granadilla,” which means small pomegranate, probably because the orange flesh is composed of seedy transparent sacs like that of a pomegranate, explained Pons-Worley, a botanical artist who raises passion fruit at his home in Royal Oaks, California.

To Elizabeth Schneider, author of Uncommon Fruits and Vegetables (Morrow, 1986; $28), the inside of the fruit “gives the impression of a tablespoon of fish eggs about to hatch or paramecia gone mad.” On the outside, she writes, “it looks like a partly deflated rubber ball left in the rain, then dried.”

Despite the fruit’s ungodly looks, passion fruit disciples contend that its taste is divine. “It’s like a fruit caviar. It tastes like a combination of pineapple and guava, a flavor like nothing else,” said Pons-Worley. “There’s a floral scent that’s wonderful. Just the fruit itself smells really good, and it carries through.”

Both that heavenly flavor and aroma can be put to practical use in a variety of beverages and dishes, including salads, entrees, desserts, jams, and jellies. Pons-Worley’s cookbook, which he sells at, contains more than 180 recipes using the fruit. But sometimes simplest is best. “If you’ve got a good ripe one, just cut it in half and scoop it out and eat it, or put it on ice cream or cake,” he explained.

A decent source of vitamin A and potassium, passion fruit is available throughout the year from various regions. If you don’t see it, ask your produce manager about availability. When shopping for passion fruit, keep these pointers in mind:


  • Purple-skinned varieties are most common; but you may also see yellow-skinned passion fruit. The flesh of the purple types is usually sweeter.
  • “Wrinkled fruits are more ripe than non-wrinkled fruits,” noted Jonathan Crane, a tropical fruit specialist with the University of Florida. “If you want to use it right way, get a wrinkled one.” If none of the fruit is wrinkled, leave it out on your counter for a few days.
  • Darkening is another sign of ripening.
  • The fruit’s seeds are edible (and provide a good dose of fiber). If you prefer not to eat the seeds, strain them out by placing the flesh in a strainer and pushing on the pulp with the back of a spoon.
  • Read labels of packaged passion fruit carefully. If it contains only passion fruit, you will have to add water and perhaps sugar to make a fruit drink. Some passion fruit beverages, however, already contain water and sugar.
  • Passion fruit may be marketed under several Spanish names. These include labeled chinola, granadilla, maracuja, parcha, and parchita.

Looking to the Cross for Nourishment

Cruciferous Plant Over the past several years doctors and nutritionists worldwide have been advising their patients to eat cruciferous vegetables: broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, collard greens, kale, kohlrabi, mustard greens, turnips, and watercress. According to the American Institute for Cancer Research, “Several laboratory studies have suggested that cruciferous vegetables help regulate a complex system of bodily enzymes that defend against cancer. Components of these vegetables have shown the ability to stop the growth of cancer cells in various cell, tissue, and animal models, including tumors of the breast, endometrium, lung, colon, liver, and cervix.”

But why the term “cruciferous”?

The dictionary tells us that the root of the word is the Latin crux, which means “cross,” and that one of the definitions for “cruciferous” is “bearing a cross.” Botanists use the term to describe a family of plants whose flowers have four petals arranged like the arms of a cross. It could just well be that humanity’s long-awaited cure for cancer may lie in the cross, the ultimate symbol of salvation.


New Additions to the Medical Teas from Amazing Grace Herbals LLC

Hello All!

It's been a while since I have posted a blog, been busy and trying to keep up with life in general that when I do have a second, its late and time for some Chamomile Tea and off to bed!

I have so many herbal blends and remedies in addition to what I list here on Local Harvest and so many wonderful folks have asked me to please add them to the Local Harvest website - so - I have!!!

I have recently added:

B Vitamin Herbal Tea Blend which is a wonderful way to get all of your much needed B vitamins in their raw form.

Adrenal Stimulating Tea which really helps get the adrenals going when they are sluggish and not working at their most efficient.

Sinus Steam Herbal Blend great for stuffy noses, allergies, cold or if you just want to hydrate your nasal passages. Can be used in a neti pot if you like.                                                

All of my blends are accompanied with a fact sheet of information, directions for use as well as other natural suggestions.

I will try to add more but I have one nice lady (and you know who you are if you are reading this) that LOVES these above blends and has been using them for years so, I decided to finally sit and take a few minutes to add them so everyone else can enjoy them too!

Many blessings and enjoy each day!



Last 2 days of the 15% off Medicinal Herb Sale

Hello All -

There are only 2 days left to take advantage of the 15% off medicinal herb sale here at Local Harvest!

This is a great way to stock on on all your teas, tinctures and pet needs for the winter months ahead!!

If you have any questions on remedies, please feel free to contact me!!

Thank you to all and many blessings for the seasons ahead!

Sharon Hubbs-Kreft

Amazing Grace Herbals



Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful women who have touched our lives!!

Enjoy the day and relax  . . . garden, plant and reconnect with the best mother of all  . . . Earth!!


Many blessings and enjoy the day!


Grandmom's Queen of Hungary's Water . . first batch of the season

Hello all  . ..   due the beautiful weather here, I have an early batch of my Grandmom's Queen of Hungary's Water is back in stock!!!

This remedy takes quite a while to make and the batch turned out to be absolutley wonderful!!

May all of your senses and skin enjoy!!

Here is a link -

Peaceful Blessings !


Baby herbs popping through the soil

The spring sunshine has started to melt the snow and as I was weeding and working in the gardens this past weekend I happened to notice the new sprouts!

Already we have thyme, chives, lemon balm, fennel, cilantro, peppermint and chamomile sprouts!!

We are getting some heavy rains so radishes will soon be popping up too. How exciting to see the rebirth of the herbs and watch them slowly peek their little sprouts out of the soil.

If the warm weather keeps up, there may an early harvest of chives or maybe even some lemon balm. Ran is expected through the weekend so I am not anticipating any garden prepping this weekend.

Peaceful Blessings, happy seeding and happy weeding!

I would love to hear what you have sprouting too!!


Fiber . . how much . . how often?

What is fiber?

A variety of definitions of fiber exist. In an attempt to develop one definition of fiber that everyone can use, the Food and Nutrition Board assembled a panel that came up with the following definitions:

  • Dietary fiber consists of nondigestible carbohydrates and lignin that are intrinsic and intact in plants. This includes plant nonstarch polysaccharides (for example, cellulose, pectin, gums, hemicellulose, and fibers contained in oat and wheat bran), oligosaccharides, lignin, and some resistant starch.

  • Functional fiber consists of isolated, nondigestible carbohydrates that have beneficial physiological effects in humans. This includes nondigestible plant (for example, resistant starch, pectin, and gums), chitin, chitosan, or commercially produced (for example, resistant starch, polydextrose, inulin, and indigestible dextrins) carbohydrates.

  • Total fiber is the sum of dietary fiber and functional fiber. It's not important to differentiate between which forms of each of these fibers you are getting in your diet. Your total fiber is what matters.

You may also hear fiber referred to as bulk or roughage. Call it what you want, but always remember that fiber is an essential part of everyone's diet. While fiber does fall under the category of carbohydrates, in comparison, it does not provide the same number of calories, nor is it processed the way that other sources of carbohydrates are.

This difference can be seen among the two categories that fiber is divided into: soluble and insoluble.

  • Soluble fiber dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance. Sources of soluble fiber are oats, legumes (beans, peas, and soybeans), apples, bananas, berries, barely, some vegetables, and psylluim.

  • Insoluble fiber increases the movement of material through your digestive tract and increases your stool bulk. Sources of insoluble fiber are whole wheat foods, bran, nuts, seeds, and the skin of some fruits and vegetables.

How much do you need?

Adults - The National Academy of Sciences established an Adequate Intake (AI) level of 38 grams of total daily fiber for males 19-50 years of age and 25 grams for women in the same age range.

Children 3 to 18 years - A simple formula can be used to determine the number of grams of fiber recommended for children:

Child's age + 5 = fiber grams per day

As you gradually increae your fiber intake per day, you should also consume more water, juice or milk (daily fluids).

Beans and legumes are great sources of fiber and usually contain about 6-7 grams of fiber per 1/2 cup cooked serving. They can blend into almost any meal, even mashed potatoes, soups, sauces or as a nice side dish. If beans make you "toot" check out my blog on why beans make us toot and my helpful suggestions to aid with cooking with beans and adding good fiber sources into your diet.

Happy Fiber Hunting and Peaceful Blessings!


Herbs, supplements and picky pets!

So you have a picky pet that will not take anything, no vitamins, no tinctures, no oils, nothing . . . how do you get them to take what's good for them if they go and hide when they see you coming with the dropper? I get asked this question pretty much daily and decided to blog about it to help folks out that just are just at their wits end with picky pets.

Cats can be easier then dogs despite their independence! If you have a capsule (vitamin, probiotic, herbal supplement) first try breaking open the capsule and sprinkling it over the food. Most cat's will take it especially if you are mixing it with a canned food they enjoy. Tried this, still no luck, try adding the supplement to tuna juice. I know my cat's little jowels cannot water enough when she hears the can opener opening tuna! Tuna is pretty much a fail safe with any herbal remedy (tincture, tonic, infusion, decoction, oil) or supplement. Still no luck, try adding the remedy (whatever it may be) to a small amount of ground beef, turkey or chicken - cat's are carnivore's and should eat it with no problems and will never be the wiser to know they was something good for them in the "magic meatball"! If you have an ill cat that has difficulty eating, you may want to try a vitamin supplement with a milk base found at your local pet store, add the supplement ot remedy to the milk based product - added nutrition plus the remedy. Cat still fussy, tried all the above and she still runs away? Try adding your supplements to plain milk, however, if you cat suffers from feline acne, I do not recommend this. Dry food or kibble can always be soaked with chicken/beef or vegetable broth and then the supplements added too.

Dogs usually take almost anything you give them, I know my Golden Retriever takes any herbal remedy or vitamins with no problems but there are some finnicky pups out there. Same as with a cat, try sprinkling any capsule based remedy over the food first, if no luck add it to wet food or if your pet is on a "you cook for him diet" then add it right to the stew you are cooking up. If can still sniff it out, try putting the caspules, oil or tincture into a piece of bread, basically, let the liquid soak in the bread and then give it as a treat. Did that too  . . . ok, just as a cat, dogs are carnivore's too, so when all else fails, add the remedy/vitamin/medication or whatever you are giving to a meatball of your choice. This usually works every time! Try soaking the kibble in broth of your choice and add fresh or steamed veggies for a more enticing meal, most dogs love veggies so you should see him clean the plate.

For vegan pets - you can make a "cheat ball" - mix brown rice, grains or choice, coucous or even make a smoothie for your pet using plain yogurt. Add the supplement and watch them enjoy!

I like to recommend plain yogurt as a treat for pets because it is full of natural probiotics and will aid in their digestion and overall health. Cats love it as do dogs, some picky cats will eat a yogurt treat added with supplements of your choice but I have found that some will detect the scent especially if you are administering a strong aroma based herbal remedy.

Most of my pet remedies are organic vegetable glycerin based and I do this for many reasons but one of the one main ones is for ease of administration - how do you say? Simple, vegetable glycerin is thicker and stickier then water, alcohol or any other aqueous based tinctures so when you drop it out of the dropper it will stick to their fur! If all else fails and you are administering an organic glycerin based tincture, drop the directed dosage amount on your pet's paw, I promise, he will lick it off, it's in their nature so they will be getting the tincture despite their stubborness  . . problem solved  . . if you are administering a tincture made with another menstruum you may have to try th above suggestions as most will roll off the fur and your pet will not be getting the recommended dose.

My pet's are very good vitamin and herb taker's, it really is all they know but I get the occasional cold shoulder from my feline friend and have come up with lots of other ways too of getting the gooodies in! My cat and dog love Acidophilus, they both lick it off my hand like the world's best treat - you can try this with your pet too - especially cats's, I have rarely come across a cat that does not like Acidophilus (probiotics), scent is similar to milk and they usually will almost lick the skin off your hand being sure they get it all!!

I hope this helps answer the question . .how do I get this good stuff in my pet?

If you have any questions or need other suggestions, please feel free to email me at

Peaceful Blessings to you and your pet!


Blessings for a Happy and Healthy 2010!

Many blessings to all for a Happy and Healthy 2010!

We pray that our fields will be full of new life and our pantries stocked with Earth's blessings. From our pantry to yours, all the best and many more!

As the New Year begins, it is a time to think about detoxing and getting your body back on track. I will get into this more with my next blog but just wanted to mention it since so many folks contact me with the "after holiday cookie blues!" LOL!!

Peaceful Blessings and enjoy the Blue Moon!


Happy Holidays to all!!!

Hello everyone, my apologies for not blogging in a while, things have been very hectic here with the holidays upon us.

I wanted to send everyone warm winter wishes for the holiday season and all the best of blessings for 2010. A special thank you to all of my customers throughout the years and to everyone at Local Harvest for all the hard work and time to make the site a success!

A quick note, if you are still looking for some great New Years treats, you can try something we have done for many years. If you enjoy my Snuggle Up Tea and would like to add a twist, try adding a teaspoon of Apple Schnapps to your infusion before serving. It's a great winter warm up and folks at your party will love the flavor.

If you like Peppermint and want a added touch, we add a dash of Peppermint Schnapps to the infusion before serving and then garnish with a candy cane . . . folks love it!!!

Just a couple little things we do every year in place of traditional spirits for our guests, give them a try and I am sure your party guests will love them too. You can find both teas and others which you can add spirits too as well here at my Local Harvest store.

Peaceful Blessings and Holiday Greetings to all!

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