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Recipe for Spatchcocking

Spatchcocking is my FAVORITE way to cook whole chickens, but this year I’m going to spatchcock our Thanksgiving turkey. It cuts the cook time in half and the bird is incredibly juicy!

Here is a recipe that details how it is done. The only thing I would change on this is the seasoning.  I love lots of garlic powder on the bird, it really makes the skin delicious! 


Spatchcock turkey garnished with grapes and fresh herbs.



Our big boy Jacob, the Royal Palm heritage turkey, and his three girls produced fertile eggs like mad this spring. Our incubator was keep running full time, and produced some really nice poults to raise for this year.

Then, we had two setbacks. The first was the loss of our butcher at Crooked Shed Farms. She had decided that King County was too expensive for her to operate, and so she sold the meat processing equipment and is in the process of moving to eastern Washington!!! My top slot in turkey processing was gone, with no other options to get your turkeys done this year. I didn't find this out until we already had dozens and dozens of young turkeys running around the farm.

The second setback was that my back surgery didn't happen last winter as planned, and was scheduled for August. There was no way that I could be recovered soon enough to process all of those turkeys myself.  So I made the hard decision, and decided to let another farm finish raising, processing, and selling my turkeys for me this year.

 So I am referring you on. I hope to see you all back next year, as by then I'll be all healed up and the new processor will be up and running again -- we'll be better than ever!

In the meanwhile, give Christeena Marzolf a call to order your turkeys this year:
Her phone is 503-453-2575, and her email is FallingRiverMeats@gmail.com.

See you all next year! 


2018 Farm Fresh Pasture-Raised Turkeys early registration

The reservations for 2018 TALLTREE FAMILY Farm turkeys is now open!

  When you reserve your turkey, let me know these things:

1) Approx. weight of oven-ready meat you are looking for.

2) What variety you prefer.

3) What date you want to pick the meat up at our farm.

4) Then either send a $75 check, cash, or paypal (under "friends and family" or else you will incur an additional charge) reservation fee to ctalltree@yahoo.com. Be sure and include your name, phone number, email, and the information on the three items above.  I'll send you a confirmation!

5) Pick up of the oven-ready turkeys will be at our farm, at 17530 Simon Rd, Snohomish, WA 98290. They will be freshly done and packaged that day! 


Female Bourbon Reds = 8-10# finished
Male Bourbon Reds = 10-14# finished
Female Bronzes = 14-16# finished
Male Bronzes = 16-24# finished
Female BB Whites =15-20# finished
Male BB Whites = 24-33# finished

(the week before Thanksgiving):

November 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 

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